2020 MacBook Pro 13-Inch Review: All The Right Keys

What we Should Expect on Apple Mac Book Pro 2020

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It’s more likely that we will get a new Mac Book Pro 2020 very soon? Would you like to know what form the Apple company will take in terms of design, features, and specifications? In this article, we will discuss the latest leaks and rumors about the next Mac Book Pro. It is expected that it will be updated before the end of 2020.

2020 MacBook Pro 13-Inch Review: All The Right Keys
Apple Mac Book Pro 2020

Will Apple update the 13 in Mac Book Pro again in 2020?

With the Mac Book Pro’s May 2020 update, every Apple laptop now has a new-style keyboard that replaced the previous butterfly model. The butterfly model has been causing expensive faults since its introduction in 2016. Apple has done work here and now that every Mac Book Pro model has a reliable keyboard.

Only two mid-range Mac Book Pro models were updated in May 2020. Other than the new keyboard, the other change expected on the entry-level Mac Book Pro 2020, is that its storage will be doubled. The entry-level 13 in Mac Book Pro still has 8th-gen processors, slower RAM, and other components that look less than impressive next to the Mac Book Pro 2020. This means that these two 13 in Mac Book Pro models are ripe for a processor update.

Mac Book Pro 2020 Tech specs

The entry-level Mac Book Pro 2020 is likely to comprise of:
1.4 GHz quad-core i5 8th-generation (TB 3.9 GHz), Iris Plus Graphics 645, 8 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 RAM, two Thunderbolt ports: £1,299/$1,299 (256 GB), £1,499,$1,499 (512 GB)

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It’s set to ripe for an update as the entry-level 13 in Mac Book Pro still uses 8th-gen Intel processors. A laptop is a great option for Apple’s first Silicon processor, and as it’s designed for average users.

It is extremely difficult to state exactly what an Apple processor will bring to the Mac Book Pro. Currently, the developer Mac Mini is the only Mac running on an Apple processor. The machine uses an iPad Pro chip, which has already popped up impressive benchmarks. It has been already examined what Apple Silicon could bring in the market and how it will compare to Intel.

The entry-level 13 in Mac Book Air currently has 8 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 memory, which is not that faster. We expect the next Apple Mac Book to have faster RAM than the previous models. The 2.0 GHz 13 in Mac Book Pro on sale now offers 16 GB RAM as standard.

The current entry-level Mac Book Pro integrates with the Intel processor offering the Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645. Apple reveals that it will integrate its GPU onto the new Apple Silicon processor; hence we should expect a higher performance GPU inside this new Mac. The laptop is optimized for high-performance graphics tasks. Apple expects the move to Apple Silicon to open the door to more powerful games on the Mac.

The 13 in the model has a 58.2 W battery in the entry-level 1.4 GHz models and a 58 W battery in the 2.4 GHz models. Both offer 10 hours of use. Apple Silicon may make it possible for the new Apple Mac Book to come with more battery life than other models.

The Apple company will introduce a mini-LED 14 inches display on the Mac Book Pro. the opportunity will be get reserved for the mid-range Mac Book Pro models. For the entry-level Mac Book Pro, the screen will remain at 13 inches. There one thing about the Mac Book is the touch screen. The Apple Silicon transition will make it possible to use iOS apps on the Mac.

Face ID and webcam
It would be great if we get to see a better FaceTime camera on the Mac Book. The Mac Book Pro will offer a 720 pixels camera. As a comparison, the Selfie camera on the laptop offers a 1080 p HD video recording and a 12 MP camera. Apple needs to up its game with this camera, which has become very apparent in this video conferencing age.

The iPhone 11 camera is TrueDepth as it comes with a FaceID, something that would be great if it appears on the Mac Book range. It is more likely that the Mac Book Pro 202 might have a Face ID. The Big Sur beta contains code that hints that the TrueDepth camera is coming to the Mac.

Wi-Fi 6
Another thing that the iPhone 11 range offers is 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6. As yet, this hasn’t appeared on any Mac laptop or desktop. We would love to see this in the new Mac Book. It is more likely that the smaller Mac Book Pro model would get it before the 16 models.

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