Top 10 cool gadgets of 2020

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Are you craving to know about the top 10 cool gadgets of 2020? If yes, so are we. Let’s not beat around the bush and introduce you to the groovy technologies of 2020.  

It is difficult to stay aware of the volatile technology trends. In case you’re willing to know about the coolest gadgets, you can browse through this review guide. Ranging from smartwatches to headphones to unique gadgets the review guide has the coolest stuff for you.

Take a look at Top 10 cool gadgets of 2020 :

1. The Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet


While being a bifold wallet, the Ekster Parliament comes with an RFID covering. Consequently, it can protect the owner from serious identity theft. Besides that, it comes with a patented technique for ejecting cards via its storage pocket. This aluminum storage pocket can be accessed by pressing a single button. While it comes with a strap for taking care of your receipts and cash, it can eject up to ten cards.

Ekster composes this wallet from the best quality leather that is available in numerous sophisticated colors. Additionally, the ultra-sleek and thin gadget are powered by a Bluetooth tracker and light. Thus, you can operate it without a battery.

2. Philips wake-up and somneo sleep light


While flaunting elegancy, the Philips Somneo comes with a feature-packed wake-up and sleep light powered with a multitude of life-altering features. As a result, the Philips Somneo comes with clinically proven features for improving sleep. Furthermore, with the help of this light, the users can feel refreshed in the morning.

On the other hand, the Philips Somneo can stimulate a sunset and sunrise along with a multitude of soothing music. Additionally, with the help of its in-built USB port, you can charge your smartphone as well. Notably, we love touching the lamp’s interface, which is a touch-screen.

3. Apple iPad


If you are fond of tablet features, the eighth-generation iPad powered by Apple has all you need. While it comes at an incredible price, it’s extremely cool and capable. Additionally, the slate of the Apple iPad is available in colors like space gray, gold, and silver. The Apple iPad comes with an in-built storage capacity of 128GB or 32GB.

While there are several upgrades in its processing power and graphics, the product retains the same retina display of 10.2 inches. Eventually, if you are willing to replace it, you can use it alongside a keyboard cover.

It is the best of all the top 10 cool gadgets of 2020 as per the launches we have seen in the gadgets world in 2020.

4. TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79 Wireless Earbuds


TaoTronics Sound Liberty 79 entirely wireless earbuds belie their reasonable price tag in different possible ways. Consequently, the earbuds come with a comfortable fit, easy touch control sensors, and an elegant look. Besides that, their efficient audio performance even during calls makes them outstanding. Notably, for maintaining a stable connection with a tablet, laptop, and smartphone, we’re bound to thank its Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

When it comes to exercising and water resistance, the wireless earbuds come with an IPX8 rating. In terms of battery life, the earbuds can give up to eight hours of playback.

5. The iPhone mini powered by Apple


To date, the 5G-toting smartphone is the best compact device powered by the iPhone series. However, it comes in the same durability, design, and optimal camera setup which are similar to the larger iPhone 12. Moreover, we are grateful for its super retina display measuring up to 5.4 inches. In terms of ease, you can operate it single-handedly.

Similar to the latest iPhone 12 series, this mini is compatible with the MagSafe accessories. In terms of storage capacity, it comes with a storage capacity of 256GB. You can order the iPhone 12 mini from color variants like black, blue, white, and green.

6. Apple MacBook  air along with M1 Chip


In comparison to its predecessors, the Apple MacBook Air comes with longer battery life while displaying more power. However, it flaunts the iconic design of its predecessors. Thanks to the groundbreaking M1 chip, the device doesn’t require any cooling fans. Thus, the design of this notebook looks very sleek and elegant.

Additionally, the new MacBook Air comes with key features like a superb trackpad and keypad along with a vast Retina display. In terms of its structure and sustainability, the product’s housing components are made up of recycled aluminum. You can pick from three color variants namely space gray, silver, and gold.

7. The portable home speaker from Bose


The portable home speaker from Bose has an impressive sound and great versatility. In terms of compatibility, this device is equipped with Wi-Fi. Thus, this home speaker is compatible with Google Assistant commands and Amazon’s Alexa.

In terms of connectivity, the portable home speaker is ideal for multiple uses on account of its Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, it’s water-resistant with a battery backup for up to twelve hours. In terms of battery replenishment, it can be charged using a USB-C type connector.

8. The Nest Hub Max Smart Display from Google


The Nest Hub Max smart display from Google is a multitool suitable for every home. While flaunting an in-built and smart Nest camera, it comes with a 10-inch vibrant touchscreen. In terms of speakers, it comes with high-quality duo stereo speakers. Consequently, the smart Nest camera comes in handy for monitoring the safety of your homes while you are not in. Additionally, it is suitable for making seamless video calls with Google Duo.

To top things off, this device has been powered with Google Assistant to facilitate the interaction with its virtual helper. Furthermore, the Nest Hub Max can allow you to stream and watch YouTube videos and content from your smartphones. You can access these contents with the help of an in-built Chromecast.

9. Echo dot charcoal bundle with TP-link simple and smart set up plug


This bundle comes in a fabric design and a compact smart speaker. Consequently, it can fit perfectly within small spaces. If you own a smart home, you can voice control it with compatible and connected devices. Thus, it can adjust the thermostats and switch on the lights. You can lock your home with the help of this device.

In terms of security, the device is built with numerous layers for privacy controls and protection. For example, the Echo Dot comes with a microphone turn-off button. Consequently, this can disconnect the other microphones electronically. From the perspective of control, you can control your own voice recordings. For example, you can hear, delete, or view your voice recordings anytime.

10. Moto Razr 5G


Amidst the ongoing tech battle between Samsung, Google, and Apple, the main hero returns Motorola, boasting its classic and signature phone, the Razr 5G. Similar to the Z Fold 2 of Samsung Galaxy, the Moto Razr 5G comes with a foldable and flexible screen.

While providing us with a smart and large touchscreen, Motorola is successful in preserving the flip-style cover. It is featuring a small screen in the front, beyond its inner screen. Consequently, this small screen can be used for watching videos, playing games, and reading notifications.

For more, you can explore more into our product reviews section here. Let us know which one you found best among these top 10 cool gadgets of 2020.

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