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LELO Soraya wave now worth $250?

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LELO Soraya Wave is a flagship product in Lelo’s product lineup. It is an improved product, based on the original launched a few years ago, and it hit the market earlier this month. Technological advancements gave the new toy more sensations, appealing to a broader market. There are three buttons that control power and intensity. The power button is also used to change modes. After some testing, it is clear that the new product is superb. The manual is not great, leaving the exploration of the modes to the user. Although the product is excellent, the price point may be prohibitive for many potential customers.

LELO Soraya wave Key Takeaways:

  • The real game-changer between the 2 and the Wave is, indeed, the WaveMotion technology, and that’s why the reengineered toy is superior for me.
  • The first setting is how the Wave is advertised: The classic “come hither” motion for the g-spot with the vibrating base as well as the vibrating tip to stimulate the clit.
  • The eight modes provide a range of vibrations from both the base and the tip. One set, for instance, stops the base entirely and the only motion comes from the vibrating tip.

“As archaic as it looks now, the rabbit episode of Sex and the City changed the game for the sex toy industry.”

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