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Why you should probably hold off for a while

The iOS 14 is the latest update Apple has generally released that many are downloading, installing and examining with gusto. The download size is a little huge, meaning major OS changes. Some phones have an update the size of up to 4.7GB which is a bit large, however the size will vary depending on device.

For the most part, it is heavily praised, while some advice that it would be best to wait for a few weeks before downloading this update. Let us examine both sides of this issue, starting with why it really is a great update.

Many are calling it the best thing that has happened to their iPhones, where it truly feels like they have a new phone in their hands. Why is that? Apple has introduced and quite rightly so, some amazing, long-demanded features.

Apple iOS14 revolutionizes the iPhone


even though iPhones already had a widget area, that was solely for widgets and they could not be moved to the home screen. However, that is now possible with the iOS 14, you can freely mix and match with apps and folders.
The downside on this, even though it’s not too bad of a downside is that these widgets are not interactive just informative. An example is that you won’t find a next button on a music widget, but you would see the song playing or if it’s a weather widget you’d get all the information you need right there.

Number 2 big feature, or at least big for some people is THE INTRODUCTION OF SMALLER NOTIFICATIONS.

Ignoring calls made easier for wives and girlfriends when they get angry with the men in their lives, I guess. But really, the full screen that incoming calls hogged had become quite a pain, so the simple banner at the top of the screen now is much welcome. In addition, you can swipe up when a call comes in to completely get rid of it on your screen, this stops the ringing but does not end the phone call so it’s great. Aside from the small incoming call UI, there is also now A SMALLER SIRI

Major Siri design

, not like the previous Siri that took up an entire screen, now you have Siri in a more appealing little bubble while you can go on to do other things freely, like browse web pages, text and other stuff. This latest introduction is perfect for gamers and people who generally don’t appreciate interruptions from notifications.

Another great feature is THE PICTURE-IN-PICTURE ADDITION.

While this is not the same as a Split screen, it’s still a pretty awesome feature. It allows you to FaceTime for example while texting or browsing or doing something else on your phone. Instead of ending the call, or pausing the picture, it simply moves to a corner of your screen and allows you freedom. You have the options of shrinking the picture or expanding it, even pushing it completely out of view so you can still enjoy your full screen and hear the audio. Check out how to enable this feature from the video below

THE NEW APP LIBRARY is also another loved feature.

new app library

People can now keep their home screen clean, by relegating unnecessary and not often used apps to the library while allowing you to keep the apps you want on the home screen. With the App Library, you have applications distributed into automatically generated categories. Like Utilities for example, all apps like that will be put in that category and is easily accessible, so even if you’ve removed an app from the home screen, with just a swipe, you can access it from the App Library. When you swipe down, you can also find all your apps, but this time arranged in alphabetical order.

A favorite feature in this update are THE ENHANCED PRIVACY SETTINGS.

People who have never understood why certain apps needed permissions to view all their photos and the like can now relax. With the update to the iOS 14, you can select the photos you want an app to have access to. If you’re using Instagram for example, you can permit the app to access only 4 pictures that you select. You retain the option to edit by choosing to add or remove photos when you see fit to. Another privacy setting is the ability to ENABLE APPROXIMATE LOCATION instead of PRECISE LOCATION. This adds to privacy because, you don’t show exactly where you are but your general area can be shown so that your weather and time apps will remain accurate.

You also get to CHANGE THE DEFAULT BROWSER, assign your favorite browser as default so that when you open any link it opens there.

Then there are the frankly AWESOME MUSIC APP ENHANCEMENTS where the background now matches with the Album art, if the album art is bluish the background of the app will turn blue, if green it will turn green, so that’s the most noticeable enhancement. Complementary backgrounds. Then there’s the feature in the music app that remembers where you left off even if you closed the app or even turned the device off. The app also generates an “Up Next” queue based on the kind of music you have been listening to.


you can now pin messages thanks to the iOS 14 update. There is the new EMOJI SEARCH feature which is helpful for avid texters, to quickly search for emojis when they need them.

There’s the matter of how you can HIDE APPS now and how HIDDEN PHOTOS ARE ACTUALLY HIDDEN. You can now SEE THE CHARGE on your Apple Pencil so that it doesn’t just go off in the middle of a drawing.

From the look of things, we could go on and on about the exciting new features the iOS 14 has introduced for Apple users around the world, but this won’t be a well-rounded out article without mentioning the negatives people have encountered.

A general and unavoidable problem with iPhone OS updates is that they tend to be initially incomplete and buggy. These bugs and glitches often start to show within a few weeks of their use, resulting in Apple releasing a point this or point that, before it is actually stable. This problem could however be avoided if one decided to wait for a couple of weeks before downloading and installing the iOS 14.

Another problem arises if this update is made on older Apple devices, the large size and the bulk of new features in the iOS 14 causes severe battery drain, causing some to downgrade to the iOS 13.7, some also experience Screen freezing and slower app experience in general.

Overall, though, the pros greatly outweigh the cons and this new update allows a wonderful usability experience.

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