Sony a7s iii review – Versatile, Compact & Lightweight

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Sony A7S III DSLR Camera


Display- Sony a7s iii is featuring an entirely articulating display


Focus magnifier- Yes


Touch panel- Yes


Battery- Sony a7s iii uses a rechargeable battery, the Sony NP-FZ100



  • Provides the photographer with a versatile, compact, and light choice in comparison to heavy DSLR cameras.
  • Provides a hybrid system of autofocus
  • It has a higher ISO range that is up to ISO 1, 02,400
  • It can shoot 4K videos
  • Dual features for voice recording


  • Battery life is horrible
  • Around 300-400 video shots can drain the battery quickly
  • A few lenses in comparison to conventional DLSRs

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You must be aware of photographers who have been using the predecessors to the series of Sony a7s iii. Consequently, the series is in use for capturing light portraits with neon colors. The uses of this series are performing street photography and documentary works. Keep scrolling to read the Sony a7s iii review to know more.

To take these series a notch up, the Sony a7s iii is being powered with the vintage lens. In terms of ergonomics, the Sony a7s iii is an SLR camera. The shape of the Sony a7s iii is similar to a9 II and a7r IV. Consecutively, the Sony a7s iii has come up with a full-display 12.1Mp sensor along with a processing engine titled “Bionz XR”.

In terms of benefits, the combination will be rendering three major benefits. It will improve the camera’s performance under low light. During lower ISO settings, it comes with a 15+ EV dynamic setting for recording videos. Additionally, it reduces rolling and shutter effects.

Sony a7s iii review (Sony a7s iii Overall rank)

The Sony a7s iii’s lies among the top five sensors that have been manufactured by Sony. In terms of picture quality, the Sony a7s iii lies in the top five charts.

In terms of features and designs, the product lies in the top ranks due to its sleek and smooth touch. As per the review charts, the product is easy to use. Thus, the product is being ranked as No. 1 on numerous online portals.

Product Description


The Sony a7s iii is featuring an entirely articulating display. Its touch-sensitive feature is providing the users with additional touch-sensitivity and touch-control features.

For adding a hike to its resolution, the Sony a7s iii camera is featuring a 9 million dot along with an OLED viewfinder. It is distinct from the usual 0.5-inch units as it features a 0.64 inch LED.

Sony a7s iii has come up with seven hundred and fifty fine points for phase detection along with a mixed autofocus system.

Consequently, this can cover 425 points of contrast detection along with ninety-two percent of the sensor. For competing with former cameras, its real-time eye autofocus has been kept thirty percent better.

The Autofocus feature can be used to detect animal and human eyes. Besides that, the AF can operate in video mode or during stills. In terms of sensitivity, the AF system is sensitive up to 6EV.

For ensuring the suitability of videographers, the Sony a7s iii is boasting seven alteration steps for adjusting the transition speed of AF. For ensuring shift sensitivities, the AF features five alteration steps.

Sony a7s iii can support two card slots/ports. These ports are compatible with CFexpress Type A cards and SD/SDHC UHS-2 cards. For enabling S&Q recordings in XAVC S-14K, the CFexpress Type A cards are mandatory. Besides that, the other features require an SD card. However, in a few cases an SD-type card of V90 speed.

In terms of battery, the Sony a7s iii uses a rechargeable battery, the Sony NP-FZ100. This gives over sixty percent longer lives than its predecessors.

Meanwhile, it enables video recording up to ninety-five minutes. While the LCD is in use, it can capture over six hundred images. One can charge the camera’s battery with the help of a USB connection.

Pros and Cons

  • Provides the photographer with a versatile, compact, and light choice in comparison to heavy DSLR cameras.
  • Provides a hybrid system of autofocus
  • It has a higher ISO range that is up to ISO 1, 02,400
  • It can shoot 4K videos
  • Dual features for voice recording
  • It has two batteries
  • Battery life is horrible
  • Around 300-400 video shots can drain the battery quickly
  • A few lenses in comparison to conventional DLSRs


Sony a7s iii comes with a standard warranty of two years. Besides that, a one year extended warranty will be offered to consumers who register on

The extended warranty will cover one year after the termination of the standard 2-year warranty. For registering on the above website, the consumers who bought the product on 10th Oct 2018 or after are eligible.

Additionally, the consumers shall be furnishing the warranty card along with necessary purchase details. However, the extendable warranty is valid only in India. Thus, it remains non-transferable. 

In case of any attempts to remove or alter the serial number, the extended warranty shall be claimed as void. In case of wear and tear of the cosmetic or rubber parts, the extended warranty is inapplicable.

Moreover, the extended warranty cannot cover damages that are caused due to lightning, ingress of fluid, or accidents.

Product Specifications


For extraordinary sensitivity, Sony a7s iii’s full-frame measuring up to 35mm along with CMOS image sensor is seen to feature 2.4-megapixel resolutions. Its LSI at the front-end along with several copper wires can increase the data readout speed at a double rate.

A hybrid of a new sensor and a new-generation image processor can achieve up to 1.5-stop enhancement. At low sensitivity settings, the dynamic range is realized.

For maintaining a sense of in-depth resolution and suppressing noise, the detail upgraded reproduction has been combined with specific area noise reduction.

Additionally, the reproduction in the color of nature scenes and skin has been improved.

In terms of image quality, modes such as RAW, JPEG, and RAW & JPEG are being supported. In terms of picture effects, there are eight variants. The picture effects are posterization in the form of B/W and color.

Additionally, the picture effects are available in formats like Toy Camera, Rich-tone Monochrome, High Contrast Monochrome, and Partial Color.

In terms of creative styles, it displays styles like vivid, neutral, standard, light, landscape, and so forth.

Moreover, its white balance modes come in auto, shade, daylight, fluorescent, custom, cool white, and so forth. In terms of lock systems, its AE lock is enabled as soon as the shutter button is pressed.

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Touch panel: Yes

Number of dots: 9, 21,600 dots

Brightness control: Manual along with Sunny weather mode

Focus magnifier: Yes

Zebra: Yes

Final verdict

Check out this video above to know more about the Sony a7s iii review.

You can purchase this camera if you are looking for an amazing Autofocus that can function while shooting videos. Its performance in low light is incredible. The product’s real-world video specifications are amazing.

However, you should avoid purchasing this camera if you are willing to shoot 8k or 6k videos. It can capture still images up to 12MP only. Additionally, there is no monitoring machine for the waveform.

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    1. Hmm, totally agreed with your view sir.

  2. This article has more important information about the sony a7s than I have received on other cameras at camera stores.  the specs you shared were clear and concise.  The practical information was really helpful in terms of how the camera is being used by others.  What I like the most about this article was your honest pro and con section.  No one usually shares about battery life and that kind of thing.  Great article.

    1. Thanks for appreciating us! We hope to see you ahead with us on upcoming review articles. Till then Enjoy reading with us.

  3. Thanks for sharing this article here, I’m a lover of versatility and this sony a7 111 has made me really amazed by the virtue of features that it has, many cameras are just expensive with nothing to offer as a special spec but everything about this is really nice and I’d love to get one for my son, he’s into photography.

    1. We appreciate that we could help you in selecting one for your son.

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