Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: Best Phone Right Now

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Galaxy Z Fold 2


Galaxy Note 20



  • Improved durability, build quality, usability, and design.
  • Surprisingly solid battery life
  • Excellent stereo speaker setup
  • Flagship-grade camera system


  • No ingress protection rating.
  • Charging speed underperforms for its 25W rating
  • The Snapdragon 865+ chipset is a bit thermally-constrained and under performs slightly
  • No microSD slot

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is greater than the previous Galaxy Fold, but it is a quantum leap better. Its front display is larger with an unsightly top-notch on the inside. Also, this foldable is more durable and convenient than the first Fold.

The best part is that its manufacturer, the Samsung company, did some renovations to make the phone more versatile. Its new Flex mode made this a reality. When multitasking, you can run up to three apps simultaneously. Some of its apps have a dual-pane view for enhancing its productivity. Even though the camera of Galaxy Z Fold 2 is less advanced than the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, it does a much better job as its overall score is higher.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold

What is Good

  • A bigger front display makes a huge difference: Its cover is 6.2 inches, and therefore you don’t have to use the internal show to get everything done appropriately. Also, its exterior screen is much narrower than typical phones.
  • Apps finally make the most of tablet-size screen: I.e., in the Gmail app, the phone lists all your emails on the left side and the body of messages on the right. Its slack displays messages on the right and contacts on the left.
  • Its multitasking is better: The phone easily creates app pairs to launch three apps at once. You can also conveniently drag and drop content from one window to another in certain apps.
  • Its New Flex mode adds versatility: With its cam mechanism in the hinge, the display can be opened at various angles. The new Flex mode takes advantage of that. For example, you can view the live previous up top and controls down below when using the camera app.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Design

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 makes a better impression than the previous Galaxy Fold due to its larger exterior display. Also, its cover screen has been increased to 6.2 inches. Its interior display is also bigger at 7.6 inches in comparison to 7.3 inches in the previous model. A small cutout even better replaces its main screen for a selfie camera; the ugly notch is long gone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold

The Samsung manufacturers have made other enhancements for the Galaxy Z Fold 2 for improved usage and durability. Its new Ultra-Thin Glass display is developed to provide a better touchscreen feel than the plastic screen Fold. Also, it has a Hideaway hinge prevents dust and dirt from entering the phone using the sweeper technology.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is available in two colors; Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze. You can also add some flair in the form of four hinge color options only when you order the smartphone through Other variants include Metallic Blue, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, and Metallic Red. The phone is slightly shorter but wider than its predecessor. It’s also heavier; it weighs 9.9 ounces, compared to 9.48 ounces for the original model. In comparison to other flagships, you can’t get the phone wet as it doesn’t offer water resistance.


With its large size, the phone’s 7.6-inch main display boasts a 120Hz refresh rate. Hence, you can conveniently enjoy smooth scrolling and overall performance compared to the Galaxy Fold’s 60Hz rate. As its panel is adaptive, it is also smart enough to dial the pace down or up based on the screen’s content.

The cover display on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 does not offer a refresh rate of 120Hz, but it’s still greater than the first Fold features. This OLED screen can conveniently perform any task as it is big enough. When you unfold the device, you can also instantly resume what you were doing on the main display.


When it comes to the camera, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a little step down from the Galaxy Note 20. When you purchase this product, instead of getting a 5x optical zoom, a 108MP main sensor, or a 50x Space Zoom, the phone offers three capable shooters that you can use in many ways.  It has a 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera with a 123-degree field of view and a 12MP telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom. Its Dual Preview enables subjects to view how they will look while using the front display and, at the same time, taking the shot. The rear cameras take higher quality selfies too.


Battery Life and Charging

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 comes with a 4,500 mAh battery. When continuously web surfing at 150 nits of screen brightness, the phone lasts for 10 hours and 10 minutes on the 60Hz display setting, its battery life gradually drops when its display is set at 120Hz. Undoubtedly, the battery life on the Z Fold 2 is pretty solid. The Z Fold 2 supports 25W fast charging and Power Share reverse charging, and fast wireless charging.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the quintessential example of a company listening to its customers and delivering a wide range of improvements. At $2,000, this is a great phone for early adopters, but the Z Fold 2 seems a lot less like a prototype and more like a viable product.

The front display on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 alone is a huge upgrade. I also really like the Flex mode and the versatility that gives this phone. Being able to prop up the device at various angles makes the Z Fold 2 feel like a brand-new type of device. And while the Multi-Active window multitasking requires a bit of a learning curve, it maximizes productivity. Overall, what Samsung has accomplished is impressive. This is the best fold-able phone yet and a sign of great things to come in the category.

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