Review of Dell S3220DGF Gaming Monitor

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  • The monitor has six tiny control buttons at the bottom-right and a power toggle that lights up when turned on.
  • It has four different modes available in HDR signals for locking most image controls
  • It has a G-Sync running


  • it has no in-built-in speakers.

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In case you might be searching for a monitor that offers excellent performance in gaming, with high-quality images while still practical for workday tasks. The Dell S3220DGF gaming monitor is undoubtedly the best in the market today.

While editing documents and photos or when watching movies during your leisure time, it is essential to have a monitor that has high contrast and accurate colors. Screens that are ultra-wide hand over the gaming cred, although it is easier to work on a 16:9 screen. Thirty-two inches is the most suitable size for anything to do with a computer.

Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitor – S3220DGF

The Dell S3220DGF has a 32-inch vertical alignment panel and a 1800R curve. It has a display resolution of 2560 x 1440, DCI-P3 color, Display HDR 400, and a 165Hz refresh rate. This monitor has also got a G-Sync running; the G-Sync part is a premium display selling at $399.

For an LCD monitor to perform HDR appropriately, it either needs a vertical alignment panel or a full-array local-dimming backlight. Ideally, you can set to have both on the same display, though the FALD backlights are extremely expensive. A VA panel with edge-arrays that can efficiently deliver a decent HDR performance is the best. Commonly it must show a high native contrast for the SDR material in the monitor.

Its free Sync to HDR option brings an optimized tone-mapping for videos and games enabled with HDR 10. Regularly, free sync monitors that uphold enhanced HDR contents have low-quality images. In our tests, you will see how good the Dell S3220DGF gaming monitor is.

A QHD resolution doesn’t need a graphics card to obtain a high frame rate in your favorite games. Graphics cards are most familiar with 4K gaming monitors. This gaming monitor’s pixel density is around 93 pixels per inch, insinuating that it has essential details with invisible jaggies, not unless you sit very close to the screen. For a large screen like this one, you need a three- to four-foot distance to have a clear view.

Dell S3220DGF Gaming Monitor Unpacking and Accessories

S3220DGF 2
The Dell S3220DGF

The S3220DGF gets delivered to its recipient in three pieces, and it doesn’t require any tools when assembling the product. Its wires are of higher quality compared to other thick insulators and beefy connectors. The monitor also has a 3.0 USB, a display port, and bundled cables with IEC power.

With just a first glance, you will notice that the S3220DGF gaming monitor styling is unmistakably Dell.  Even though its 1800R curve is a bit small, no reason sets it apart for it to be inclusive for general or business use. The stand fits perfectly in its place and is dependable with nary a hint of play. Its user-friendly aspects include a 6-inch height adjustment, a 21 degrees tilt, and a 30 degrees swivel that can rotate in each direction. The panels of this Dell S322ODGF are conveniently lockable in place while its movements are sure and smooth. It has no reflective surfaces because its finishes are black and grey.

The monitor has six tiny control buttons at the bottom-right and a power toggle that lights up when turned on. These controls click securely and never miss anything when controlling the menu system. The small icons that appear right above them on the screen indicate their primary functions. You can easily program the first four icons to quickly access some of its tasks, i.e., input selection or contrast.

This device has a completely smooth back and a colorful Dell logo with a cable management hole on the upright. Whenever you press the large button, the monitor releases its panel from the stand and unveils a VESA mount of around 100mm.

Like any other curved monitor, its side view is chunky, but its actual panel’s thickness is almost 2.5 inches. The bezel is super-thin at 7 mm around the top and sides and 19 mm across the bottom. It’s flush-mounted and so appears frameless when the power is off. This Dell-made product has no side USB ports, but the accessory has two 3.0 downstream jacks with a single upstream port on its bottom input panel. It also has a single 1.4 display port and two HDMI 2.0 inputs.

The worst part of this monitor is that it has no in-built-in speakers. To resolve the problem, its manufacturers have installed a 3.5 mm headphone analog output. You can easily control its volume via the on-screen display (OSD).

OSD Features

The S3220DGF’s OSD has many gaming features in-built into its system. It exhibits the usual all-business Dell style. By just pressing any button on the monitor brings up a quick menu that pops up instantly highlighting black stabilizer info, a status window with picture mode, HDR mode, and the overdrive setting.

It has four different modes available in HDR signals for locking most image controls. The most accurate HDR signal is the desktop version, as it has spot-on colors and photometric brightness curves. The other three signs suit other preferences; they only add a little unneeded edge enhancement.

Gaming and Hands-on

S3220DGF 5
Dell S3220DGF Curved Gaming Monitor

The Dell S3220DGF gaming monitor has an optimal size, shape, and resolution for any use. Its curve makes it look taller than a flat 32-inch screen; hence it makes work tasks a pleasure. Scrolling is almost unnecessary as it is possible to read an entire word processing page on the screen while still typing. Even though its bonus color isn’t strictly accurate, it is excellent for all contents. When watching, you will have no problem differentiating the most delicate details in photos or moving images.

Its second overdrive setting is super-fast and is the best by a contest between ghosting and blur reductions. Gaming monitors with organic shapes and textures like the Dell S3220DGF use a more-aggressive option. Black streaks appear on the screen when straight lines are dominating the image.

The monitor doesn’t use the G-Sync Compatibility, but it still runs its games at a wide range of 100 fps to 165 fps. Its setup menu uses the handy pattern to twerk black and white thresholds. Its HDR works perfectly in games like Call of Duty. Undoubtedly, the Dell S3220DGF is an excellent fit for mid to high-budget systems. A QHD monitor is the overall best balance between performance and details.

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