New iPod Nano Review 7th generation (2021)

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iPod Nano


USB 2.0 link


iTunes programming (Macintosh and PC)


Earbud headphones



  • Incredible sound quality
  • simple to utilize
  • delightfully polished
  • very lightweight, convenient, and solid.


  • Exorbitant cost
  • no present firewire capacity
  • absence of further developed iPod highlights/uphold

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In this time of versatile music, due to this new iPod nano review, the iPod has downloaded itself into the public consciousness where it will not leave any time soon. Not that we mind. Notwithstanding a huge pool of respectable contenders, for example, Sony and Dell, who fabricate their own smooth mp3 thingamajigs,

the iPod is as yet the most mainstream and top of the line of the bundle. Simply consider purchasing an mp3 player, and I wager your automatic response will, in any event, be to consider, in the event that not decide, the iPod.

At the point when Macintosh PCs’ President Steve Occupations uncovered the iPod Nano in San Francisco’s Moscone Center, it quickly got known as the littlest individual from the presentation bearing iPod family line and replacement to the iPod small scale (the refreshed adaptation of which was delivered a simple 7 months preceding the Nano).

New iPod nano Review (New iPod Nano OVERALL RANK)

Viable with both Macintosh and Windows-based PCs, the iPod Nano comes in two tones, white and dark. You likewise have your decision of a 2GB form ($199) or a 4GB adaptation ($249), which is somewhat steep given the way that the iPod little held a similar sticker price for the 4GB and 6GB models, separately.

The iPod Nano’s stockpiling drive is streaked based, which implies no moving parts inside (diminished mileage and breakage potential),

higher solidness, and no stable skips while running, trekking, or staggering home after party time. Given the expanding limits and capacities of blaze drives, I wouldn’t be astounded if some time or another Apple begins executing this innovation into a greater amount of its signature items. Yet, that is for another article.


The primary thing one is probably going to see is that the Nano, as its name suggests, is minuscule. You need to really hold one to see exactly how minuscule this gadget is, and my first idea was that the little pocket of my pants may now at last fill a more prominent need.

The Nano estimates 3.5″ long, 1.6″ wide (more modest surface region than a charge card), and just .27″ thick (more slender than an AAA battery). Smooth and tranquil, the Nano is described by the straightforward tastefulness recognizable to Apple fans. Indeed, it positively is a stunning looking little machine due in no little part to the glossy, slender layer of acrylic applied to its surface.

Be that as it may, the drawback to the completion is its defenselessness to scratching or potentially fingerprints (particularly on the dark form of the Nano). Tipping the scales at just 1.5 ounces you could possibly get the Nano across a level surface by sniffling on it, however, I don’t suggest this for wellbeing reasons.

The primary highlights: Like any remaining iPods, the Nano is basically intended to play digitized music, for example, mp3 records. Furthermore, similar to its family members, the Nano dominates while doing what it excels at. As per my examination, the Nano utilizes a similar sound chip as the Small scale, and as referenced previously, generally the quality is fantastic.

The included earbuds make a nice showing conveying the sound, however, I would favor better quality earphones to exploit the sound insight. Tinkering with the included equalizer settings likewise appears to make observable sound changes, so whimsical sound experts may have something to grin at here.

Proprietors of past iPods shouldn’t have an issue exploring the interface, as choosing melodies, play-records, and so forth utilizing the touch-delicate snap wheel is still as easy to use as anyone might imagine (yet I disdain giving up those darn fingerprints!).

Setting up and interfacing with iTunes on both Macintosh and Windows machines was smooth and direct also. As indicated by data accessible at Macintosh’s site, the 2GB iPod Nano holds 500 melodies while the 4GB variant stores around 1,000, accepting that the normal tune is 4 minutes in length and packed at 128 kbps utilizing AAC encoding.

Also, similar to the bigger iPods, the Nano perceives tunes encoded in the accompanying configurations: mp3, AAC (and shielded AAC design from the iTunes Music Store), AIFF, and WAV.

In contrast to the iPod scaled-down, in any case, the Nano sports a shading show just as similar photograph abilities as the best in class iPod Photograph. This may have been an “on the grounds that we can” thought concocted by the designers over in Cupertino, as I got some weird looks while sharing my most recent photographs on a screen that is scarcely the size of a postage stamp.

However, I let it be known’s a pleasant element to be remembered for a particularly little gadget. Complete with the standard association alternatives, you can make slideshows (with music and progress impacts) and sort your photos any way you need.


The Nano perceives pictures in the accompanying configurations: JPEG, GIF, PSD (Macintosh just), Spat, BMP, and PNG. I’ll set aside this effort to take note that the camera connector for the iPod Photograph, utilized for moving pictures straightforwardly from an advanced still camera to the iPod Photograph, won’t work with the iPod Nano. Likewise, other current outsider gadgets, for example, voice recorders and FM transmitters are not right now viable with the Nano.

There are additionally includes that exist solely on the iPod Nano, for example, the World Clockwork, which permits you to see the neighborhood time anyplace on the planet. When you select a district (or significant global city), a clock will show up on the presentation.

The clock realistic will obscure or help contingent upon what season of the day it is at the other locale, which is convenient for successive voyagers. Have an inclination that tricks calling your companions in Egypt at 3 AM neighborhood time? The iPod Nano can help! (Obviously, I don’t excuse such conduct utilize this element to ensure you don’t incidentally call your companions in Egypt at 3 AM).

Other Nano-restrictive highlights incorporate a screen clock and stopwatch. The screen lock permits you to make a 4-digit blend to keep others from experiencing your music and photographs. This would appear to be a powerful technique for discouraging would-be cheats (or meddlesome exes), however, since I as of now have such countless passwords and codes in my day to day existence to recollect that I can manage without it.

Also, a particularly expensive contraption like the Nano ought to be kept in a protected spot in any case. The stopwatch highlight is really flawless and permits you to record your best lap times or to monitor how long technical support requires you to be postponed.

Battery life: The iPod Nano claims 14 hours of music playback, however, battery utilization increments when utilizing the photograph slideshow capacities with music playing out of sight. Charging by means of the included USB 2.0 link, which interfaces with the dock connector on its underside, it takes the Nano about 90 minutes to arrive at 80% limit, and 3 hours to accomplish a full charge.

As of now, the iPod Nano isn’t firewire able. In my exploration, I’ve additionally discovered that the Nano’s battery gives off an impression of being for all time patched into the unit, which drives me to scrutinize the attainability (or even chance) of future battery substitution. Data viewing this will be refreshed as it is found.

Included things:

– USB 2.0 link (in reverse viable with USB 1.1). This interfaces through the dock

connector under the Nano. NOTE: Don’t confound the dock connector with the

dock itself. The iPod Nano dock is an adornment that costs an extra $29. Over USB 2.0,

the Nano moves music at around 5 MB each second.

– iTunes programming (Macintosh and PC)

– Earbud headphones: They’re white, (in any event, for the dark iPod Nano).



Incredible sound quality, simple to utilize, delightfully polished, very lightweight, convenient, and solid. Decent shading show, convenient additional items, for example, photograph review, and global tickers. Streak memory configuration forestalls skipping, incorporates effectively with iTunes. Macintosh and Windows viable.


Exorbitant cost for generally little drive space (contrasted with other iPod models), absence of further developed iPod highlights/uphold, no present firewire capacity, surface smircesh, and scratches effectively if not ensured.


In spite of the moderately powerful sticker price for its stockpiling limit, the new iPod Nano by Macintosh is absolutely a cool gadget for most gotta-have-it contraption files and for the individuals who simply need a solid, simple to-utilize excellent mp3 player.

In the event that you need to play your main tunes while unwinding or running, the Nano and its couple of additional capacities will fulfill you. The individuals who are enthusiastic about more intricate capacities might be baffled by the current absence of highlights accessible (no help for FM transmitter, a camera connector, firewire, and so on) However, its usability, instinctive interface, style, and quality make this a troublesome thingamabob to stand up to.

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