Mini Link Smartphone Printer Instax Fijifilm

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Mini Link Smartphone Printer Instax Fijifilm



  • New Bluetooth capabilities
  • Fast and simply quick application
  • Fun motion management
  • Classy Modern-day layout


  • Non-detachable battery (first rate though)
  • Unreliable battery power play

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Mini Link Smartphone Printer ; The best smartphone printer

The Instax Mini Link is a brand new beginning for Fujifilm – now offering Bluetooth connection and a modern-day app, which is their first-rate smartphone printer to date.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer, Dark Denim 16640759


  • Attuned to Apple or Android smartphones
  • Simple and reliable Bluetooth connection 
  • Charges through micro USB Device
  • Prints credit score card sized Fujifilm Instax Mini movie
  • Smoother revel in than preceding printers
  • Great new app with amusing capabilities

With a brand new app, new capabilities and smoother revel in – the Mini Link is a whole substitute of the Instax Share SP-2/three series.

It is appealing to either old or young crowd – now no longer simply creatives. The ease of use makes it best for social images with pals, or as a DIY wedding ceremony picture-graph booth.

Instant Mini Link @ first rate

First and foremost it is important to note that the Fujifilm Instax mini link smartphone printer is not your ordinary printer but rather a printer but rather a printer at its best.

The phenomenal Smartphone Printer

Your average smartphone user will tell you that most smartphone cameras depend on other peripheral devices in order to achieve their picture-print targets but our flagship Fujifilm Instant Mini link cuts the chase. It is simply you best smartphone printer and the only one currently available in the market.

Mini Link Smartphone Printer Qualities

The Instax mini link turns any smartphone with Bluetooth capabilities right into a Polaroid-fashion antique printing machine.

Unlike its famous cousin, the Instax Mini 9, you’ve got whole management control over the photo excellence and cropping. It is still constrained to the immediately print format – though without the wasted picture shots and movie grabs.

This product is a variety killer for the more common Instax Share SP-2.

They serve the identical characteristic at a comparable fee. However, there are key variations to the Instax Mini Link that make it a lot nicer to apply

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer NYC Launch Event

The simple reason why BET Smartphone printers are exceedingly better

The Bluetooth (BET) printers are higher in comparison to wireless enabled internet—also known as Wi-Fi— as they allow a faster connection even as they stay attached to the net.

Additionally they connect they connect again rather instantly to the paired gadgets making the business of printing—whether 3d or 2D quite simple. Even without Wifi settings, The Bluetooth smartphone printers’ cuts outs the fuss when it comes to easy reconnection each time connection is lost.

N/B: –

  • No pass codes; New or old
  • No extra navigation/ steps involved
  • Not to forget, there is only marginal power used by the Fujifilm Instax Mini Link

Colour Mix

When it comes to colour the Fujifilm Instax Mini Link is your colour junkie to go to. While at launch the Instax Mini Link was available in 3 shades of colour; Dusky Pink, Ash White and Dark Denim

Fujifilm launches sleek smartphone printer in India: Know details |  Technology News – India TV

Forget the Archaic Tech; this is new and improved

Entry-degree digital photo pic’ merchandise stay and die with the aid of using how clean they may be to apply. Fujifilm has once again fulfilled with the Mini Link – a tool with a view to attraction to old and young alike. It’s quite easy to understate the effect this one update has on utilization. The antique wifi connection method become a chore; no, a really cumbersome task. Why? You can only manually convert your telephones wifi connection every time you desired to print. In effect, you need to pre-down load any pix you desired.

Conversely, print a Facebook photo or electronic mail attachment you desired – you needed to disconnect, discover the picture you want to down load, reconnect, edit and then print.

Not anymore.

Now you could hook up with the printer and the net on the identical time. The Mini Link will robotically reconnect every time when you have formerly paired with it.

Instant computerized connection paired with a speedy, clean to apply app is a huge development for usability.


The app isn’t the only best way to manipulate the printer.

New drag sensor shortcuts on the FujiFilm Instax Mini Link

Some are extra beneficial than others – saving you numerous in-app clicks every time.

Standing the printer up takes you lower back to traditional Print mode Desktop display screen.

 Pointing the printer down and then double press the power tab button will reprint the remaining picture.

Laying the printer down with energy button on the upward look switches it into amusing mode. Titling the printer adjusts the zoom in digitalcamera mode thus helping you crop the selfies!

You nonetheless must hook up it up with your smartphone first. But it’s a thrilling addition to this phone printer which units it aside character wise in a market that may be difficult to innovate in.

Its APP greatness

This is a phenomenal improvement to the old one that was fairly excellent.

Built from the scratch and very new—which is available on both Apple stole and play store, the Fuji Film Instax mini Lin smartphone is     a lot quicker and less complicated to apply.

It is featuring a fantastic consumer interface layout – that is an app you genuinely need to spend time in.

The app switches among modes: Fun mode and Print mode.

Modes may be toggled in-app or with the aid of using positioning of the printer  using  the movement controls. Switching modes makes special printer capabilities extra on hand and adjustments the apps show theme.

It’s a bit gimmicky though, as maximum print alternatives are to be had in both modes. All that is really adjusted is the hierarchy of the capabilities which are highlighted. Also, you can choose out a frame from a video in the app and print it inside seconds. Great for Boomerangs or folks who tend to seize video moments in place of pix.

FUJIFILM INSTAX Mini Link Smartphone Printer | B&H Explora

Printing Modes

Simple Print

The general mode and maximum normally used. Print single pictures out of your smartphone. You can follow simple edits which includes cropping, filters and photo enhancements.

Frame Print

Similar to Simple Print, besides you could upload frames and overlays in your pix. Besides, there is an amusing little mode that could upload a chunk of aptitude in your prints.

Video Print

This is one of the first-rate new print modes. This choice helps you to print personal frames from any video that is in the internal storage of your smartphone.

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