MagSafe Only Charges At Full Speed When Paired With Apple’s 20W Charger

MagSafe Only Charges At Full Speed When Paired

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In addition to battery capacity, the speed of charging of smartphone battery is equally important. After all, the capacity is great, but if you have to wait for too long to reach the full charge, you may want to consider smaller capacity battery. MagSafe is new charger by Apple, which manufacturer claims can charge the newest phones at twice the speeds of wireless charge method. Our tests show that the speeds are not as claimed, and that the device can significantly slow down charge speeds on older devices.

Magsafe Key Takeaways:

  • Apple claims that the device allows users to charge the new iPhone 12s at speeds of up to 15W, twice the charging speed compared to regular wireless charging on current iPhones.
  • However, recent tests have found that using it with an older iPhone charges it at insanely low speeds of 2W.
  • It turns out that maybe you might need to buy additional accessories to get MagSafe charging at max speeds.

“Apple has stopped including power adapters with its iPhones claiming it’s for environmental reasons, but it seems that if you want to really take full advantage of the MagSafe charger, you’ll have to shell out an extra $19 to buy the 20W charger. Oddly enough, this only works with the 20W charger that Apple makes.”

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