Apple iPhone 13S Prototype

Apple iPhone 13S

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Apple iPhone 13S? The iPhone 12 is not even out yet!

So, you have the iPhone X or iPhone 11 pro and you are thinking of upgrading. Would you like to get the 12 or would wait for the successor of the 12?

The release of the iPhone 12 is only weeks away. Details of what it might include are not going to be confirmed until its release. Why are we talking about its successor then? Apple has long been known to patent devices years in advance of their release. As there are people working in these circles, rumors are bound to be heard. Leaks will definitely come from sources. It’s these leaks and rumors that we are here to discuss.

Will It Be Called Apple iPhone 13S?

The number “13” is considered an unlucky number in many countries. Due to this, some speculate that the iPhone would name the 12’s successor iPhone 12S and then skip to 14. Starting from the iPhone 4, Apple named its phones predictably. They moved from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S and then to iPhone 5, to iPhone 5S, then on to 6, in that order. That is until iPhone 7 where they made the move to 8, skipped 9, and went on to iPhone X. The point? We don’t know what this phone may be called until its release is announced but for the purposes of speculation and for this article, we will go with what it’s being called now. The Apple iPhone 13. Besides, Apple didn’t skip iOS 13, and that function perfectly until it was updated recently, so who knows? Maybe, they won’t skip unlucky 13 after all!

Moving on… it is important to note that it is still early in the game, very early and the rumor mill is just churning and churning. Nothing we hear may be true and everything may be true, but let’s enjoy the rumors and hope for the best. You never know, Apple may be listening!

How will it look?

It is likely that the iPhone 13/Apple iPhone 13S will come in 4 variants similar to the iPhone 12 series. A 5.4-inch mini, two 6.1 inch models, the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro, and the 6.7 inch Pro Max.

What other rumor? 120 Hertz motion display. Implications? First remember, that this will affect the refresh rate. Content and motion’s smoothness or fluidity on your phone screen is not a chance happening, the phone panels refresh its display, and how quickly refreshes per second is its refresh rate, measured in Hertz. A 120Hz display refreshes twice as fast as a 60Hz refresh display a higher refresh rate means content looks and feels smoother and snappier. Gamers swear by 120Hz and even 144Hz displays, so we hope for that in the next few Apple phones even though rumors indicate that we may get that display even in the iPhone 12. Hence, it’s almost a sure thing for the Apple iPhone 13.

There are those who speculate major changes like, whether the phone will fold or even slide open. These sound more like wishes than educated guesses. It is far more likely that the iPhone 13 will look very similar to the iPhone 12 with minor amendments to its design. We are open to beautiful new designs, but we won’t raise our expectations too high for fear of being disappointed.


Will Apple finally remove the Notch on the iPhone 13/Apple iPhone 13S? Rumors indicate that they may be moving to do so, while other rumors claim that instead of completely eliminating the notch, they would get smaller instead, narrower, and very slender.

No Charging Port? No Ports at all?

Another rumor churning in the mill is that the Apple iPhone 13 will have no ports at all. Are we ready for a phone with no ports? We don’t think so. Some are already complaining about having to pay extra to get wireless headphones while others are wondering if and this is a very big ‘IF’, if there’s no charging port then maybe instead of getting a charging cord in the box, this time they would get a wireless charger in the box and wouldn’t have to buy it separately. If that happened, we are sure there would be fewer complaints, even those who are not fans of the idea of wireless charging could warm up to it if charging is faster.

Again, despite the convenience of wireless charging, there is no denying that for the time being, it is relatively slow. Since rumors indicate that the iPhone could go completely wireless, it could mean a faster wireless charging map, and the benefit of removing the port could be that we have a thinner handset all around.

Still, the more hesitant speculate that Apple will only begin phasing out lightning ports with iPhone 13 models and go completely wireless much later. Whatever the case, removing all ports could make the phone more water-resistant and that is always a plus.

Camera Specs?

An In-display camera? Recent android smartphones have started to incorporate in-display selfie cameras in their design. What does that mean? No notch necessary, no punch-hole cut-out, no pop-up camera. Some have vowed that they won’t be upgrading to a new smartphone until in-display cameras are a thing, of course, we do not expect to find that in the iPhone 12, but we sure can speculate about the iPhone 13!

Then again, we’re hearing rumors of improved Time-Of-Flight camera technology going to appear in the iPhone 12, even if we miss it in the 12, we’ll get it in the iPhone 13. ToF camera sensors will likely be used for 3D photos, AR, and portrait mode. That means, better cameras on the next iPhone.

Will it have a periscope telephoto lens for greater zoom capabilities? That would certainly be welcome. 

What about Touch ID?

Like in the latest iPads, it is likely that Apple will get rid of Face ID which consumes space, even though it is fast and convenient. Or maybe we could get the Face and Touch ID integrated with options, we know that many will LOVE to see Touch ID again.

Can we expect a 5G Modem?

Yes, we can. A Digitimes report in September hints that the iPhone 13 could adopt liquid crystal polymer circuit boards for imaging purposes. Result? Faster data connectivity. LGP boards plus 5G connectivity will accelerate live streaming and that sounds like fun.

Faster Processor?

Definitely, it is likely the Apple iPhone 13 will feature an A15 bionic, which means faster and better.

These are some of the rumors we have heard and some things we hope to see. But what do we ACTUALLY WANT?


Longer than we can stay awake. No matter how great the new features will be, we can’t enjoy them very much if we have limited screen time.


Faster, faster, faster, 25W or more, there’s our wish.


We cannot keep buying devices that have just 64GB storage, if we get a base of at least 128GB, especially because Apple apparently hates expandable storage with MicroSD cards, we would be quite satisfied.

  • And then finally, even though we’ve mentioned this already, Face and Touch ID with the option to choose what you prefer.

So, there we have it, all the rumors about the Apple iPhone 13 as we promised. Of course, we will update when we hear new rumors and have more reliable leaks. 

Are you excited about the Apple iPhone 13? What will you do? Upgrade? Abandon iPhones altogether? Or simply wait for the iPhone 13’s successor?

iPhone 13 prototype
iPhone 13 prototype

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