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iMac With Apple Silicon Expected In First Half Of 2021

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For Apple, and the chipmaker industry in general, a switch from Intel-made chips to their own is a big step. The refresh for their premium personal computers is expected at the beginning of 2021, which is when we can expect the first chips made by the company. It is largely believed that these chips will be a variant of the ones currently used in their smartphones and tablets. The unveiling of this line is expected sometime in November, according to rumors. It is expected that laptops will also be covered during the presentation.

iMac With Apple Silicon Key Takeaways:

  • Apple is going to start using its own CPUs in its iMacs. The latest model is set to use the A14T chipset.
  • The A14T chipset is very similar to the chipset they have already been using in their iPhones and Ipads.
  • In addition to using their own CPU instead of using Intel chips, they will be using their own GPU which is called Lifuka at this time.

“Not much is known about the A14T right now, but as it is a variant of the A14, we expect that at the very least certain things will be kept similar”

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