Huawei P Smart 2020 Smartphone Review

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Huawei P Smart 2020


Huawei P Smart 2019



  • Comfortable and light
  • Has a fast WLAN
  • Decent voice quality
  • Serviceable speaker
  • Has a large storage


  • Android 9 and dated security patches
  • Few LTE frequencies
  • Its battery life relatively short

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The Huawei P Smart 2020 is currently the most popular smartphone. Even though the Huawei company is starting to become desperate because of the American technology ban, its manufacturers have no access to Google Services anymore due to the ban. Due to this, the certification of new models is very hard or even impossible at times. The Huawei P Smart 2020 is now quite evident with what could be smartly covered last year. As Huawei manufacturers have started to reissue older models, the new certification is necessary, not that important.

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Case – A light plastic case

The Emerald Green is the newest color for the Huawei P Smart 2020. Its predecessor didn’t have the color, apart from variations of Midnight and Aurora Blue. The outside appearance of this phone is similar to the P Smart 2019 series, the only new update is on the camera module, as it has a higher quality than its predecessor. The P Smart 2020 is slim and light in weight due to its small battery.

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The Huawei P Smart 2020 fits comfortably in your hand and is built relatively strong. The phone hardly reacts to pressure, neither at the front nor at the back. However, after frequent usage, you will notice some fewer scratches on the case when the light hits it. The best thing is that its screen protector is placed better than in the 2019 model.

Huawei P Smart 2020 Storage

The Huawei P Smart 2020 is better equipped with a storage of 128 GB. It offers significant advantages in comparison to other devices because of its price. It has a working memory of 4 GB, and you can also insert a microSD card to expand the storage.

Android 9 Software

Like its predecessor, the Huawei P Smart 2020 also comes with Android 9. Therefore, it uses an older version of Google’s operating system and the corresponding EMUI 9, Huawei’s in-house user interface.

Communication and GPS – Fewer LTE bands

The phone comes with an LTE band of Cat.6. Therefore, its maximum LTE speed is excellent for the price class, although it only supports the minimum LTE frequency bands. This makes it challenging to use the mobile Internet when you travel abroad. It is excellent indoors and has a full reception outdoors in the surrounding cities most of the time.

It supports the Wi-Fi 5 WLAN, which is customary for this price class. The Huawei P Smart 2020 is brilliant as far as speed is concerned. It shows some slightly inconsistent data rates when communicating with a Net gear Nighthawk AX12 reference router.

Voice Quality

When using the internal earpiece, its voice quality is reasonably good. Our conversation partner’s voice slightly booms at its highest volume, even though the voice sounds are warm and present. Its voice quality is also reasonably good when using the speakers, and you can easily record your voice with a microphone.

The Huawei P Smart 2020 has a dual camera, although it is not a zoom camera with several focal distances. Its second lens is excellent as it determines the depth of sharpness. Therefore, you cannot use it to take pictures.

The primary camera offers the same 13-megapixel specs, just like the 2019 model. Its pictures are very decent, even though the details look a bit washed out. The phone’s contrast is also higher in other smartphone cameras. Images taken with this smartphone at low light lose sharpness, but the brightness is relatively good. The primary camera takes good pictures.

Accessories and Warranty

The box comes with the Huawei P Smart 2020, a charger, a USB cable, and a SIM tool. It also has a wired headset that offers a reasonably acceptable sound. The Huawei company provides 24 months of warranty on the phone.

Input Devices and Operation

You can efficiently operate the touchscreen everywhere, and it is also sensitive in all corners. The system is fast enough for smooth operation in many situations. It uses the SwiftKey as the keyboard app, but you can install any other app of your choice if you don’t like the default. The fingerprint sensor on the back is very reliable, although it unlocks with a slight delay.

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The Huawei P Smart 2020 is noticeably warm while undergoing longer lasting. What makes it great is that it does not reach any vital or uncomfortable temperatures.

With the variations in heat development between the P Smart 2019 model and P Smart 2020, Huawei decided to raise the thermal limit for throttling on purpose. This makes the availability of power more and also causes the development of more heat.

However, there are no significant differences in the performance of the two phones. Most people have noticed that Huawei P Smart 2020 heats up faster, but its performance is excellent.


The bottom-edge speaker is not extremely loud, even though the balanced sound is fair. You can easily hear and understand any song or voice while using this phone. However, this phone sounds much better than some other smartphones. Its audio devices can connect via Bluetooth or with a 3.5-mm audio port, which works perfectly. The transferred sound is also immaculate.

Battery Life

Power Consumption

The power consumption of the P Smart 2020 is minimally slightly higher than the 2019 model. However, the smartphone fairs quite well overall when comparing it with other smartphones of this price range. Therefore, its efficiency is undoubtedly at an acceptable level.

Battery Life

Its battery, which is 3400-mAh, is relatively smaller for this phone. The Huawei P Smart 2020 does a better job, but it only lasts half as long as a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S. It only lasts for 8 hours and 43 minutes when the WLAN is open. It also doesn’t have a quick-charge feature, but you can still expect the battery to charge fully after two hours since the battery is relatively small.

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  1. Hello, a fascinating article about the phone. I’ve always been a little afraid to buy a Huawei phone, but more and more of my acquaintances have bought Huawei and say that its quality-price ratio is pretty good. The battery is not the best. Can you make some western phone comparison then we can better understand the benefits?

    1. Thanks for asking LEA. Surely we will provide you in our upcoming blogs with some western phone comparisons.

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