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Google’s Fi 5G Does Not Support The iPhone 12 For Now

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Iphone 12 users, at one point thought that they would be able to connect to Google’s five G network. Google was telling people that they would be able to use five G on their phones, but it doesn’t look like that is the case. You would think, since other phones are able to connect to it with no problems, that it would connect to this phone as well. It’s just a waiting game for them now, and they will just have to wait and see.

Google’s Fi 5G  Key Takeaways:

  • Google implies that the new iPhone 12 is compatible with the Google Fi service, which is misleading since it is not.
  • Google acknowledged to customers that the 5g service is not available for the iPhone 12, but they will keep them updated.
  • Many are surprised that the iPhone 12 is not supported since other carriers are supporting it, but customers will have to wait until Google changes this.

“However, iPhone 12 customers discovered that when it came to their iPhone’s settings, they could not select 5G and were still limited to LTE.”

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