Galaxy A21 Review: Budget-friendly Smartphone

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Samsung Galaxy A21


Memory storage: 64 GB


Cellular technology: 4G, 2G


Product dimension: 0.35 x 2.96 x 6.44 inches


Operating system: 9.0


Item weight: 6.8 ounces



  • It has a 128° wide-angle view
  • It has multiple live foci that affect 
  • Very good camera
  • Very good battery capacity


  • RAM might not be sufficient as much in this current phase
  • It is just made of plastic
  • Doesn't have an AMOLED display
  • Doesn't have a Matt finish

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With the many features of many phones, Samsung never fails to amaze us with its new technologies. The variety of phones have unique features. The Galaxy A21 will be a hard option compared to other phones such as the galaxy A20. But because of its unique features, it must be pretty affordable too. The main quality of this phone is that it is very Budget-friendly with the simplest features. Thus, it will be easier to use. Let’s get into this Galaxy A21 review guide to know everything about this incredible smartphone.

Galaxy A21 Review (Overall Rank)

Samsung phones have always managed to be the toughest competitors in the market. Samsung has always released phones that proved to be the flagship, but due to the fast re-development of a phone with new additional features, these flagship positions keep getting shifted. What makes the galaxy A21 unique is its glossy and holographic finish that catches the eye. It has a 6.5inch display and a wide aspect ratio that fills all the content in your screen from edge to edge. It streams videos, games, etc., on its HD+ display. 

Galaxy A21 review suggests that it is a good phone with good qualities. It has a slim and tall body. The smooth curves of the body allow for an easy and secure grip when navigating the screen. It has an ultra-high resolution with a 48MP main camera for crisp and clear photos day and night. This is one of the unique features that make this phone very suitable for those who prefer a simple phone with optimum specifications.

Product Description


As per our Galaxy A21 review, it comes with great yet minimal features for people who love being simple. Galaxy A21 has a 48MP main camera and HD+ display. Although, the Galaxy A20 was a better version than Galaxy A 21. The display is what makes all the difference. It has a 6.5 Infinity-O Display with a wide aspect ratio that fills your screen with the content from edge to edge. 

The display might not be as good as the Galaxy A20, but it is still commendable. It has a wide 123°8MP ultra-wide-angle, which captures all the beauty present around you. The 2MP macro cam is used for highly refined close-ups; you can get your Instagram feed with some of the best eye lens pictures and captivate all your followers with a single picture by using the galaxy A21. This is what the Galaxy A21 review tells us most about. 

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons are an important part of checking before buying anything because if you don’t, you may misuse your product incorrectly, which might lead to damage. Therefore, let’s look at some of the Pros and Cons that the galaxy A21 review suggests.


  • Very good camera
  • Very good battery capacity
  • It has a 128° wide-angle view
  • It has multiple live foci that affect 


  • Doesn’t have an AMOLED display
  • It has a normal led display
  • RAM might not be sufficient as much in this current phase
  • It is just made of plastic
  • Doesn’t have a Matt finish

These are some of the pros and cons.


As per this Galaxy A21 review guide, it comes at 193.99 dollars in the USA. It is best for those who want a modest phone, and A21 proves to be such. The galaxy A21 review guide also signifies that the phone comes with four cameras which are perfectly meant for photography purposes. Therefore, 193.99 dollars seems quite okay.


Warranty of the product will be provided for a year or else if more extension is required in this field, then one can consider contacting the customer service for the phone. There is nothing to be worried about as Samsung has always been the most trusted brand. According to the Galaxy A21 review, many people have found this phone to be in perfect condition, and the phone is a unique product in itself and therefore was bought too.

Product Specifications


Galaxy A21 Review states that it comes with 4G LTE 64gb+4GB RAM LTE USA with four cameras (48+8+2+2MP) Android international version. Its operating system is Android 9, and its storage is 64GB as mentioned above, and its screen size is 6.5inches. Its resolution is 720 x 1600 pixels. It has a micro SD up to 512GB and supports a dual sim. Its ultra-high resolution with a 48MP main camera is just for crisp and clear photos day and night. 

It has a 123degree 8MP ultrawide camera that captures everything around you. You can make yourself stand out by applying a background blur. With Galaxy A21, your Instagram feed will look as beautiful as you. Its 2MP micro camera allows close-up shots. Its 13MP front camera gives you clear, high-resolution photos. 

Not only that, but with the use of this phone, you can attract all your audience through youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.

More additional specifications:

  • Product dimension: 0.35 x 2.96 x 6.44 inches
  • Item weight: 6.8 ounces
  • Operating system: 9.0
  • Memory storage: 64 GB
  • Cellular technology: 4G, 2G
  • Camera: Rear, Front.
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Processor: Exynos 850 Mali G52 Octa-Core
  • Battery: Lipo 5000Mah Battery, Fast Charging 15W
  • RAM: 4GB

Final verdict

Galaxy A21 Review suggests that this phone is for those who love the world of photography. This phone will be perfect for photographers. It is a budget-friendly phone and is really very affordable. 

This phone is for those who love simplicity. But if it’s compared with the galaxy A20, which had an AMOLED display, the Galaxy A20 steals the show in terms of display. Not only that, but the galaxy A20 had a very smooth functioning, whereas Galaxy A21 might lag here and there a bit. The display is not so nice. Therefore the Galaxy A21 review would probably state that those who want to go for a budget-friendly phone can buy the Galaxy A21. 

But if the user has already used Galaxy A20, they shouldn’t try the Galaxy A21 because of its display. Other than that, the phone is extremely good for those who want to make it big with a budget-friendly phone. The battery of the phone is nice. Therefore it is pretty much enjoyable to think that your phone will work up to 3 or 4 days without even charging it once. Also, it is clarified that it depends on the customer which phone they want and for what use because every phone has a unique characteristic.

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