Dell OptiPlex 9010 Business Desktop PC Review

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The small shaped Dell Optiplex 9010 Desktop takes up little space on the counter or office table, packs an excellent overall performance punch, and—like most Dell gadgets—is pleasantly easy to repair, restore or even upgrade. Additionally, it comes with all of the service and guarantee/ warranty alternatives and legacy connectivity corporations’ needs.

Dell OptiPlex 9010 Business Desktop PC

Couple that with Dell’s promise of an extended product lifespan and lots of caution for upcoming changes, and you have a useful compact PC that will never give your buying agent or IT personnel a headache.

Design of the PC

Dell designates the small shape factor 9010 as a Desktop. Which is the familiar sense of this word—is a PC that actually sits on the pinnacle of your desk.

Dell OptiPlex 9010 Dimensions

At just 12 inches deep, by eleven inches tall, and a thickness of 5 inches, it is going to shape effortlessly beside your display monitor. Alternatively, you can flip it on the side and make it function as your Screen stand.

Colors – it is styled in Black and Gray, which makes it seamlessly blend with your desk or countertop.

The small size allows you the luxury to tuck away the small-shaped Dell Optiplex 9010 Desktop. When you so wish or even move it effortlessly with no hustle and bustle whatsoever.

Input Dynamics and Connectivity Details

The small-shaped 9010 Desktop is typically sold without the monitor, but that should not be a cause for concern, as there are numerous 20-inch or 24-inch LCDs ($250 to $400) in addition to dual-screen alternatives on the table for you.

It is mouse and keyboard, although not precisely top class in the sense of the word, the get the job at hand done with relaxed and admirable ambiance. While light in weight, the Keyboard gives you a more than average typing experience, and the mouse, on the other hand, conducts its tracking tasks sufficiently well.

Dell OptiPlex 9010 Business Desktop PC

The 9010 Desktop gives a big array and logical blend of current and legacy ports. There are a whopping 10 USB ports; 4 at the front of the unit, six at the lower back, and in every set are USB 3.0. There also are twin DisplayPort connectors, VGA output, a gigabit Ethernet port, and a serial port. The latter is to aid the nonetheless alternatively big fleets of serial port devices consisting of hand scanners. Nevertheless, it is utilized by corporations.

Also in this excellent 9010 PC are microphone and headset jacks at the front side, plus audio inside and outside jacks at the lower back. Additionally, legacy PS/2 connectors for each keyboard and mouse are part of the small shaped 9010 Dell desktop PC.

Lastly, a lock slot has been put at the lower back so that you can securely cable the Desktop. To save it for you from being effortlessly opened or carried away.

 Components and Expandability

The small-shaped Dell OptiPlex 9010 Desktop is equipped with a highly abled Intel Core i7 3770, 8GB of DDR3-1600 memory (2- 4GB elements filling 2 of the four available DIMM slots), and a 1TB Seagate ST31000524AS hard drive occupying the singly placed hard drive bay.

The hard disk is riveted to a pop-out caddy as is the 8X DVD burner that sits on the pinnacle. One of the  16x PCIe slots topped up with the aid of using an AMD Radeon HD 7470 graphics card.

With one PCIe slot, you may upload IEEE 1394, or every other Ethernet port. You can also make use of the lower back panel beginning for the slot to feature eSATA, as one of the 3 SATA 6Gbps ports and a SATA-fashion electricity connector are available for use. You can also use them to feature an SSD.

Refurbished DELL Optiplex 9010 SFF Desktop CPU Intel Core i5 3.40GHz 4GB  RAM 500GB HDD DVDRW Free DOS Pro 64-Bit 19” TFT Keyboard & Mouse Complete  set Black
Dell OptiPlex 9010 Business Desktop PC

Business Features

The 9010 Desktop includes a 3-12 months guarantee with 4- and five-(12 months) variations to be had for $one hundred fifty to $three hundred or so. An onsite choice to the 3-yr plan is to be had for around $50. The 9010 additionally functions as a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) for safety and non-obligatory out-of-band (far-flung control through hardware only, powered or not powered) command in the shape of Intel’s widespread or vPro control.

Dell will even promote your software program encryption for a cold $40, or you may choose a self-encrypting disk. Because of the safety functions, guarantee alternatives, and aid, enterprise PCs got extra highly-priced than consumer versions.

Test configuration with Windows 7 Professional goes for roughly $950 or so. A Windows eight is on the decks, though it is minutely popular with most commercial enterprises for now.

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