Bose Sleepbuds 2: Get the best sleep ever

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We all know that sleep is an important part of life. You can’t function properly without it, and bose sleepbuds 2 are designed to make your life easier when you need some rest. This blog post will introduce bose’s newest product, bose sleepbuds 2, and discuss what makes them so great for getting the best night’s sleep possible.

We heard you loud and clear.

New Bose Sleepbuds  II is even bigger than an update

New Bose Sleepbuds  II is even bigger than an update – it’s a way to experience nighttime again. These improvements are gaining support among customers who call them perfect for insomnia. User accounts shared stories they’ve had concerns about the product which led to changes that made it even better. We pull back the curtain for a few added details and a rare look at our latest release of Sleepbuds II from Bose. The latest product will be available on [link] for order at $249.00

Bose sleepbuds were created with the goal of providing comfort and deep sound quality for a better night’s sleep. Sleep is essential to good health, but there are few products out there that make it easy to fall asleep quickly when you want them. These earphones are designed by experts in noise reduction who know how important silence can be and they use silicone to avoid any discomfort.

One minute review

The Bose Sleepbuds 2 are Bose earphones designed for sleep.

The Bose Sleepbuds II are Bose earphones designed for sleep. They’re super lightweight and delicate. Soft and springy tips added an extra feeling of comfort in-ear. These successfully remove the sound externally and help to keep you sleeping in longer. The app lets you enjoy 35 soothing sounds to rest your body as they’ve been reduced by 10 in the original version. All-in-all this is a great piece of hardware. It’s just how it should be. It will likely prove too expensive for those with very mild sleep issues.

Product description


Sleepbuds work with the Bose Sleep app to generate relaxing sounds. These users used Bose audio-masking technology to hide unusual noise noises that would cause other people to wake. In addition, there are three sizes to ensure secure wear. A nickel-metal-hydride cell with recharge abilities gives up to 10 hours of charge enough for a full night’s sleeping while the charge/storage package provides up to three further full-load batteries. It’s a foiled fin and it fits in your ear’s ridge while the umbrella shape keeps your ear canal protected by preventing sound. Bose’s ear tips are proprietary soft silicone ear tips.

Bose SleepBuds 2 price and release date

The Bose Sleepbuds 2 release date

On 13 October 2020, Bose announced Sleepbuds 2 globally. They have an estimated retail value of £229.95 / US$249.95 / AUS$379.95. Bose’s second try hopes to remedy any faults made in original releases. Initial praise for the original release came as no less numerous problems with the quality control were revealed later. The previous version of Bose is vastly improving in several areas including a lightweight design and a better ergonomic interface. New proprietary ear tips that guarantee a safe all-night fit and improved battery life and an increased catalog of 45 tracks.


Bose Sleepbuds 2 performance

Bose Sleepbuds 2 can help reduce the stress of snoring and repositioning from unwanted external noise while still producing soothing sounds. The Sleep app is minimal and user-friendly. Bose does not accept connecting these apps directly to your usual streaming system and works only with companion apps. Within the original release, the choice had only 10 sounds available as a whole. So this has been upgraded to 35, with those 35 having had their manufacture and testing “methodically” in order either for relaxation or to drift away. We are really pleased with them.


Bose Sleepbuds 2 design

In a pack of just 1.35 g per bud, the sleeping aids measure about 6.35 mm deep and are incredibly light. They also help with the new silicon tips which are super gentle and so comfy on the ears. And with equal pressure, they block out some more loud noise. In a sturdy anodized aluminum carrying case, the buds can be re-juicy for a refill and the overall experience resembles an expensive Bose. In this case, the buds are securely mounted through magnetic connectors pushing an orange light to indicate their charges. A mechanism ensures that the case close is smooth.

Better connectivity and a ‘snap’ of assurance

Bose Sleepbuds 2 connectivity

In the latest edition of Bose SleepbudsTM II, users can relax knowing that their bud will stay connected while sleeping. An upgraded Bluetooth® LE radio the newly designed Bose app in addition to the addition of three new prongs on your buds can all simplify connecting your wireless devices. Add warm LEDs to indicate charge status and updates for a smooth unclog experience that is guaranteed your SleepBearTM is always in your hand. The new ‘nap to cases’ effect of magnetic pull-outs seemed reassuring user feedbacks. We don’t know who coined it.

More masking sounds and More sleep.


The app is designed to provide customers a wide selection of content that they used with the original SleepbudsTM to soothe their racing minds. Naturescapes / Tranquilities features relaxation sounds that help unwind and fall asleep quickly. Noisemasting sounds were added to the list for longer variety and to block more distracting nighttime sounds. A new series of content sounds will be added soon and a new content category is being added. SleepbudTM is built around a redesigned earbud with 5 new-sounding headphones that enable sleeping in the background at night. For more info about this link click here.


Bose Sleepbuds 2 sound library

A relaxed ambiance that will bring peace to the mind and body. Built to cover disturbances at night. Soulful sounds from nature and beyond whisk you away into the comfort of the space. Noise blocking effects work with the noise blocking shape of the ear tip which is optimized for nighttime disturbances. Relaxing sounds can be found in these quiet-looking ear tips from Bose. Noise blocking sounds are optimized for night-time troubles and soothing sounds are designed for sleep.

Sounds to sleep by

Bose Sleepbuds 2 update

The library also will have more material in future software updates. Choose over 50 sounds from relaxer content to cover unintentional night disturbances. Noise blocks sleeping buds to cover sounds such as snoring, traffic, and talking. The soothing sounds of nature transport you in comfort to the comforts the whole time so you can relax for an entire night. The noise-blocking noise-masking sounds are primarily designed for a discussion with snoring and traffic noise covers them. Several contents will be added in the future via software updates of the software.

How it all comes together

Sleepbuds are specially designed for sleeping throughout the night. Small enough for a compact box but still capable of providing calming music at bedtime. The ‘friction coated’ liners feel smoother when flipped so that squeaking and ruckling can easily be avoided. The thin battery is small but powerful enough to mask the disturbing sound waking you up. Proprietary head tip slides in the ridge of one’s ear to provide a secure tight fit. Soft silicone sealing forms itself for the ear to stop external noise. This powerful silicone tip help reduce noise from external noises.

But do they work?

Bose Sleepbuds 2

Bose is using sleep earbuds that have no specific meaning but only help sleep. I love watching the rain and I heard quite a few noise-masking “rainy” sounds that were quite successful. She may be good for those or not for others. When it comes to sleeping due to environmental noise or tension it might help pay $250 for earbuds. A doctor appointment for sleep apnea should be done to determine if the condition has a health condition or the patient needs sleep more.



Böse sleepbuds require that you consent to their terms and conditions before your usage will commence. These documents many people don’t read but they could certainly never negotiate. Bose: To use the Bose sleep buds II you must agree to this: You may also say yes or none to the other: You need to confirm that you want to start using Bo. This means four mandatory agreements on the uses of Bosebuds three optional agreements on usage: yes on using Bose buds. Tell me the number of times you have to touch the “convener” tab before being able to use any of the devices in the review.

Bose Sleepbuds 2 awake from battery nightmare refreshed


In a next-generation form, Bose says its Sleepbuds feature demolished soundproofing for better noise isolation. They are IPX4. Water-static which means they are splash-proof. Like the original, they are not playing music or can’t play call-and-record. They use various forms of soothing white noise piped to drown out unwanted noises and large city street noise. Set up a morning wake-up alarm that won’t disturb the other person’s sleep. But if you are a light sleeper then you might consider them as a niche product compared to standard true wireless earbuds.

Why were Bose Sleepbuds discontinued?

Bose Sleepbuds were a product of bose’s curiosity. They had the idea to create noise-canceling headphones that would also be able to play soothing sounds, and bose sleepbuds were born. These earplugs are designed for people who want their ears covered but don’t like feeling closed off from the world around them. Bose Sleepbuds are made with bose’s signature noise-canceling technology, which blocks out any unwanted sound so you can get the best sleep ever.

These earplugs are also designed to be comfortable throughout a full night of use. They’re available in two colors and come equipped with a battery life that lasts up to 16 hours before it needs more power.

Bose sleepbuds were discontinued in order for bose to continue focusing on their already established products. This new product, bose sleepbuds ii, is the perfect replacement and offers an even better experience than bose’s original earplugs!***

How does sleepbuds TM II affect my hearing?

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Bose has restricted the max. SPL output from Sleepbuds TM II to 74dBA. Factors including hearing loss due to loud noise exposure in the morning or exposure to certain chemicals or medications are more likely to have an impact. To minimize this risk you should always set the masking noises at the lowest level that makes you sleepily sleep. The standard of safety in audio from WHO and ITU would cover adult listening levels within the safe limit. The amount you are required to consume daily on Sleep buds TM II would be within safe limits.

How does Sleepbuds TM II affect my ability to hear smoke alarms?

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SleepBus SleepbudsTM II has a special design to minimize disturbances during the night. Because of these, they are susceptible to the ability to hear other sounds like alarms or warning systems, people, or pets. The ability to adjust levels of noise masking or consciousness required can also be controlled by setting the optimal volume in the Bose Sleep app. It will have enough volume to make them clear but shouldn’t feel so loud it could be a nuisance for you to hear. Take other measures such that relying on a partner in listening, wearing only one hearing aid, or scheduling the sound timer.

Can Bose Sleepbuds 2 play music?

Bose Sleepbuds can play music through a free app, but it’s not their main function. This product is specifically designed for sleep and relaxation purposes only. so there is no speaker to play music or any other sound.

Can’t sleep?

Sleep buds communicate with the Bose Sleep app to play soothing sounds in order to keep you cool while falling asleep. And unlike headphones, they do not stream music or podcast. They use the technology of loud-masking technology in a Bose bed to help sleep. They play only in the app and only in Bose’s sleeping app to hear the app sound. The Sleepbudts are small and comfortable with headphones by Bose.

The earbuds are designed for relaxation and sleep with a design that blocks out all external noise, so you can rest easily without worrying about your surroundings. It has three different ambient sounds: ocean waves, rainforest lullabies, and thundering waterfalls; these help mask noises that could otherwise disrupt your sleep.

Bose Sleepbuds can also be used with the mysleepbuddy app to track how you’re sleeping and feel in the morning, as well as set a wake-up alarm that gently wakes you from deep sleep mode – it’s like an assistant waking up too! There is no snooze function with this alarm, but it’s a great way to make sure you’re not sleeping through your day.

To prevent any accidental noises that could disrupt your sleep, the Sleepbuds will turn off after about four hours of use. There is also an automatic on-off feature for when they detect that you’ve fallen asleep – there is no need to find your phone or the Sleepbuds in order for them to turn off, it’s all automated.

These features and benefits are what make these earbuds so great – they’re a one-stop-shop for relaxation, sleep tracking, and deep restorative sleep.

How long Bose Sleepbuds last?

Well, bose sleep buds are designed to last for about four hours of use.

A single charge will last for about 16 hours of use if the bose sleep buds are not paired to a phone.

The bose sleep app will also allow the user to control how long they want their bose Sleepbuds to last, meaning that if you only want your bose bud battery life on standby mode for two hours then you can do this through using the bose sleep app.

You will not need any batteries for your bose sleep buds because they are rechargeable.

A tiny battery that is large in charge

Sleepbuds are designed to be used by an old reliable new battery that was already used in hearing aids. The balance between functions from comfort is never more apparent in speaking with the engineers responsible for the design. Longlasting lightweight and tiny — with enough electricity the whole night with one charge. The most modest millimeters increase could strip the balance between performance and comfort. Getting designers and ingénieurs overboard on details is taking something lightly. All while preserving form and the prevalent circular curving design. The battery is thinner than a pea.

Peace and quiet when you need it most.

Sleepbuds use noise masking in order to cover noise nuisance combining noise-blocking design and optimal noise filter sounds. A soft, smooth seal is formed from the outer part and allows a passive damping effect. Bose music is optimized to play consistently and at a frequency that makes unwanted sounds smaller. Sleepbuds fit snugly into the ear where the ear tips are designed for comfortable sealing, decreasing ear noise. They are priced at $ 99.99 including £99 shipping for some sleepy earrings.

No more squeaks in the night

If sleep buds touch your body pillow may whine, nudge and thump. Customers share their own hacks with fellow ‘pillow squeaks’ sufferers. From mating tape glued on textiles to sandpaper, this was a great invention. Our crew went through multiple materials and surfaces. We tested 17 paints — in addition to paints our testing took a look molding through materials or at spraying a decal… we probably took another dozen or so materials. ”.

Can Bose Sleepbuds help with tinnitus?

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Actually, these Bose Sleepbuds can help with tinnitus. It’s a problem of the ringing in your ears that is disturbing sleep, and it has been proven that noise-masking not only helps to drown out those irritating sounds but also provides some relief for people who have trouble coping with their symptoms of tinnitus every day. There are many different types of noise masking products, but Bose Sleepbuds are popular because they can be used for so many purposes.

How has Bose sleep technology been user tested?

Bose was involved during a sleep study with our noisy-blocking sleep headphones first-gen. Approximately 50 adults participated over 10 days. The findings were very positive. Several participants reported improving sleep at rest with the product (86%) or staying asleep 76%). Many participants also reported that they felt more relaxed as a result, and they indicated they wouldn’t be stopping using bowed technology as soon as possible. The Sleepbuds are built on Bose’s proven sleeping technology and offer enhanced noise mask-reducing performance. For more information on sleep study [link].

Why does the product use noise masking rather than noise cancellation?

The noise canceling-based technologies continuously measure and adjust for external noise and can then stop it with their opposite signals. To help the brain ignore the disturbance the masking introduces reasonable sounds. In our ears, silence is created through a combination of blocking – or masking – the noise in our minds. Close-up noise causes silence to the ears while masking sounds calm and the mind calms down. The mask works because of the way different sounds combine in the human brain and inner ear. The inner ear cannot absorb the masking sound a good match of frequencies.

Which is better Jabra or Bose?


so, for a noise-masking device, the performance of Bose Sleepbuds is excellent. They are very comfortable and easy to use, you can easily fall asleep with your favorite ambient sound without worrying about any external noises.

It’s not so difficult to choose between sleep buds and Jabra in terms of performance, but it is more complicated to choose between performance and features. Some people might be looking for a more versatile sound device, while others are just in need of ambient noise-blocking performance.***

The answer is: Bose Sleepbuds are better than Jabra because they have the best performance but with fewer options, they also come at an affordable price that makes them worth the buy.

Jabra vs bose performance


BOSE SLEEPBUDS is the only wireless sleepbuds that let you adjust volume from your phone. You can also control your stream with our free Sleep app. The best part? No more waking up because of a bad song (or snoring, or noisy neighbors) in the middle of the night.

JABRA performance wireless earphones are the first to come with a personal music concierge. It streams your favorite songs from any device with Bluetooth, has noise cancellation and EQ settings for hearing protection, and is lightweight-perfect for on-the-go comfort.

How long does it take to load a new sound to my Sleepbuds?

SleepbudsTM II synchronizes audio recordings directly within each sleep bud. A small form factor limited the storage capacity. The format varies with the file. When you delete sound the bose app tells you how to delete them from the sound library. Bose advises on doing the transfer early so the transfer is complete before the end time. The storage available is limited. You will also need to delete one or more Sound files prior to adding an additional. With the application, you can transfer large files from an old machine to the modern one.

Is it bad to sleep with earplugs every night?

Honestly, it depends on your lifestyle. If you sleep in the same bed with someone who snores loudly, for example, earplugs can be a good idea as they reduce sound volume and block out the noise around you.

though they can make it more difficult to hear things, and you won’t be able to listen for a fire alarm if one goes off.

The good news is that both manufacturers are developing new features so earplugs don’t have any downsides!

What are the highest-rated earplugs?

Lately, earplug reviews are leaning towards earbuds, but this is largely due to the recent release of BOSE SLEEPBUDS.

While earplugs have been around for a much longer time and will do an adequate job of blocking out noise, earbuds offer additional features like nudging you awake at your desired alarm time or playing soothing sounds to help you sleep better.

Both earbuds have pros and cons, so it’s hard to say which one is the highest rated earplugs- but we’ll be sure to update this blog post as soon as a clear winner emerges!

Are silicone earplugs better than foam?


Foam earplugs are a little more comfortable and create better ear seals than silicone earplugs, but they have the downside of being less durable.

Silicone earplugs offer multiple benefits- including comfortability, water resistance (they don’t dissolve when you’re sweating), affordability, and customizability in size, shape, material type (plastic or silicone), and ear canal depth.

In the end, it’s up to you- but silicone earplugs are definitely worth a try if your ear canals are narrow or deep!

Comfort in the details

Silicon tips are soft yet resilient and fit to the shape of the ear perfectly. Pliable fin fits snugly to the ridge while umbrella shape gently dries out the ear. Three sizes are supplied for the best fit. To shut a modal press keyed with the escape keyboard or button activates the button close. It is a window. You can also use the Escape button to close it up. This can also be closed using the controls Exit & Close.

Do I need earplugs for concerts?

Probably not. The volume at most concert venues is so high that earbuds just don’t offer enough protection.

For earplugs to protect you from loud noises, they need to sit tightly in your ear canal and block out sound- which earbuds can’t do as well because of their design.

The best way for earplugs to work is if they are custom-made for your ears!

Do earplugs make the noise louder?

No. earplugs work by blocking out sound, so they won’t make the noise louder- in fact, earplugs are recommended for people who want to sleep better.

If you’re looking for earbuds that have a high-volume warning system or an alarm feature and don’t mind using earbuds regularly, BOSE earbuds might be a better option.

Is there an alternative to earplugs?

the only alternative to earplugs may be earbuds, but as we mentioned before- they don’t offer the same level of noise protection.

Both Bose and Jabra are developing new features that build on their strengths so keep an eye out for updates!

What is a good alternative?

download (5)

It’s hard to say what would make a good alternative to earplugs, but there’s plenty of research showing that using a white noise machine can be just as effective.

Earbuds and earplugs both have pros and cons so it really depends on what you’re looking for in your sleep experience.

At the end of the day, we recommend making an informed decision based on all available.

Our verdict

The new Bose Sleepbuds are the latest sleep masking earbuds. Improved body placement improved battery life better noise ranges. The original sleep bud performed just as well. But it is coming at a cost that,

may just make it stumbling to those who are seeking a solid night ”.

Design is what you expect by Bose with everything in a sleek style that you’d be proud of sitting on your bedside table. But it is too expensive to suffer poor sleep and you have the money to pay.

If you think you need them you do!!!

SleepBuds are magical. You’ll be in and nothing but a gentle white noise ” that takes you to sleep. I love the fact that they can be easily charged,

easily found inside a headphone socket, and connect easily to Apps. My ears are a little bit sore if I wear them all night but it isn’t harmful enough to stop wearing them at all. They’ve not been worn every night.

I’ll always sleep fine and sometimes not when I’m at home because I know that my mind is engulfed. And sometimes I can’t fall asleep.

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