In this time of versatile music, due to this new iPod nano review, the iPod has downloaded itself into the public consciousness where it will not leave any time soon. Not that we mind. Notwithstanding a huge pool of respectable contenders, for example, Sony and Dell, who fabricate their ownContinue Reading


On January 14, the Samsung Galaxy S21 plus was announced along with its predecessors. The release date of this smartphone is set for 29th January. Besides, in comparison to S20 Plus, there are minor changes in terms of design.  However, the S21 model is slightly heavier and wider. This well-balancedContinue Reading


We were expecting the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 in 2021! And it’s here in the market now. This pocket friendly smartphone is highly value-driven. Featuring a unique camera, software, the smartphone’s display measures up to 6.2 inches (ca. 16 cm). In terms of design, this phone comes withContinue Reading


Although a better part of 2020 is wasted on the pandemic, the tech space isn’t slowing down.  The Mi latest phones can assimilate the definitions “lovely photographic abilities” and “durable heroes”. Our hero for today’s review is Mi 11. Similarly, the Mi latest phone is successful in bringing out theContinue Reading


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