Best Instant Pot Model of 2020

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If you’re planning to join the bandwagon of Instant Pot model users; but the wide range of fashionable multi-cookers available confuses you, we got the best news for you. While all Instant Pots are comparable in their dexterity and wattage limits, the integrated heat, pressure levels, and program configuration differ from one model to the other.

Best Instant Pot Models of 2020

The ABC of choosing the finest Instant Pot Models

In terms of the correct quart size to go for, the determining factors are wide and varied, but the main ones are always space on the kitchen counter and most definitely the size of the family.

The 8 quart instant pot is most ideal for large families or those who enjoy utilizing their culinary artistry while prepping their meals, but the best and most hands-on Instant Pot variety for the usual family size next door is the 6-quart model. This is since the 6-quart will comfortably give you the luxury of preparing a decent amount of chicken soup, veggies, or even chili while not taking the lion’s share of the countertop.

 Best Overall Instant Pot Model

Instant Pot Duo

Best Instant Pot Model of 2020: Instant Pot Duo


  • Performs the job that can be done by 7 appliances; has all the usual IP capabilities and a yogurt maker placing.
  • 14 smart integrated programs configuration
  • For maximum control of your cooking you can either pressure cook on low or high

Cons: ·        

  • You cannot sanitize or make eggs/cakes on this model.

Instant pot Duo has all of the usual Instant Pot capabilities with an additional placing for making self-made yogurt. It is currently the pinnacle pick for all instant pot lovers because of its excellent capabilities and it’s available in a variety of sizes; 8-, 6- and also 3- quart sizes.  

The instant pot duo claims to have rendered useless seven kitchen appliances that you cannot miss in any kitchen worth its salt. The internal pot is made from stainless steel, and it boasts a 3-ply backside for even heat and warmness distribution.

Additionally, it has essential add-ons feature on it such as a “postpone start” device and a “preserve warm” function. Even more interestingly, you have maximum control over the heat as you have options of either cooking at low or high temperatures. This leaves you with great comfort as you are certain the soup, lentils, or veggies you are cooking will never be overcooked into mushy obscurity

Even better the Instant Pot Duo is only $20 dollars more expensive than your basic Instant Pot (the Lux) is regularly going on sale, making it the best for your money. Unlike Lux, it really quick and easy to either open or even close because of the large handlebar on its top. When you are not using it, you can prop the lid up using the extra slots on the sidebars.

The power cord can be detached from the Duo giving you excellent dexterity—when it comes to storing your Instant pot— in case you have a tight cabinet.

Ideal Instant Pot for Amateurs

Instant Pot Lux

Best Instant Pot Model of 2020: Instant Pot Lux


  • There are fewer whistles and also bells on the basic interface thus making it really easy to work with.
    • Does the job of 6 appliances.
    • 12 smart integrated configurations.


  • Does not have the luxury of both high and low pressure cooking; you can only cook on high configuration.

  The Lux replaces 6 common kitchen appliances; a steamer, rice cooker pressure cooker, slow cooker and has a “keep warm” placing. However, the Lux lacks the ability to pressure cook on low but that shouldn’t be a major concern for your average chef as the built-in timer will ensure your meal is not overcooked into oblivion. If you however plan to make homemade yogurt you will be disappointed as this version does not encompass that placing.

Best Instant Pot for Parents

Instant Pot Duo Plus

Best Instant Pot Model of 2020: Instant Pot Duo Plus


  • Upgraded model of the Duo also can sterilize child bottles and toys
  • Does the job of nine appliances
  • 15 smart integrated configurations


  • Pressure cooker works for less than four hours

This version gives the whole thing that the bestselling Duo does, plus settings for making cakes, eggs, and sterilizing. With the sterilize application, you could pasteurize milk, and sterilize child bottles, jars, and utensils. Another key function of the Duo Plus is the upgraded display: It’s bigger, bluer, and has brighter LED backlighting than the Duo. So in case you ever locate yourself straining to examine the graphics for your appliances (like, say, at night whilst you are heating up a bottle), this is your best bet.

The Duo Plus additionally helps you to edit the prepare dinner time and pressure degree whilst the machine’s in use (as opposed to the Duo, which forces you to cancel the cooking application to reconfigure settings), and offers you the choice to switch off its alarms.  

 Best Smart Instant Pot

 Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi

Best Instant Pot Model of 2020: Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi


  • Connects to the Instant Pot app through WiFi for  pre-programmed recipes which are in excess of 750
  • Does the job of eight appliances
  • thirteen Smart integrated configurations


  • It is overwhelming for amateurs.

This is the crème de la crème of Instant Pots. The Smart WiFi multi-cooker has a few of the extras that different Instant Pot fashions provide in conjunction with the addition of WiFi connectivity, which lets in you to set, monitor, and manipulate your cooking from absolutely anywhere.

 It additionally comes with greater than 750 pre-programmed recipes that you could peruse through the Instant Pot app. When your dish is sort of done, you’ll obtain an alert on your smartphone and might even ship your recipes and cooking effects in your family. It has 3 different ‘preserve warm’ setting.

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