Best Amazon Fire Tablets

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Amazon fire tablets nowadays are affordable and of high profile, they come in a wide variety and many functionalities. Fire tablets, however, also come in handy as they are functional and relatively successful gadgets. To help you decide if any such slates are proper for you, we reviewed each version. All the best!

Amazon Fire Tablet - 7 Inch, 8GB, Wifi, Black: Buy Online at Best Price in  UAE -
Amazon Fire Tablet

Fire HD 10 (2019)—This is the best tablet

The Fire HD 10 is the speediest and full well-rounded Amazon tab, refreshed in 2019 with a moderate processor bump and two gigabytes of RAM. Even better, a USB-C charging port has been added. It has been added to the Fire HD 10 model.  Most Android telephones and numerous laptops use USB-C for charging, so having it in this Tab means your cable will be multi-functional in all your devices.

 The Fire HD 10 has a more prominent display with extra pixels (1080p) than its other siblings, giving you an even better-watching experience when enjoying your videos. Besides, just like the Fire HD eight, you could shout instructions from anywhere in the room.

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2019) review: low price, low expectations - The Verge
Amazon Fire Tablet: Fire HD 10 (2019)

To use Alexa’s Show Mode, swipe down at the notification tab and take a look at the Show Mode box. After that, you could set your HD 10 on a stand (we just like the professional magnetic status case), and it turns into an Echo Show.

You can pick out among a 32-gigabyte or a 64-gigabyte version (with a MicroSD slot on each in case you want extra space). Whichever you pick out, Amazon will put up classified ads at the lock display. To take away that, you may want to spend $15 extra for the model which doesn’t have “unique offers.”

  • Fire HD 8 (2020) — The Best Value Fire

The newly refreshed 2020 model of the Fire HD eight is probably one of the excellent values round for a tab. The travel-pleasant size, blended with a processor upgrading and a Plus version ($110) with three gigabytes of RAM and Wi-Fi charging, make the brand new Fire HD eight series almost as successful as its large sibling.

You can take it anywhere with you since it is sufficiently portable, and its display won’t torture your eyes while you watch Netflix. That stated, the display isn’t always pretty as first-rate as the bigger HD 10 screen, which boasts a better pixel density. However, HD eight still has most of the advantages of HD 10, such as Alexa, stereo sound, USB-C, and almost 12 hours of battery life.

Amazon's new Fire HD 8 might be one of the best cheap tablets out there -  Android Authority
Amazon Fire Tablet: Fire HD 8 (2020)
  • Fire HD 8 Kids Edition (2020) —the Best Fire Tablet for Kids

Amazon gives youngster-pleasant variations of all its Fire tabs. HD eight is the best tool for many youngsters. Compared to the older Fire 7 ($100), the more prominent display is sharper, and also, you get Dolby stereo sound with twin speakers.

The Fire HD 10 ($200) (which has the same features) is extensive in kids’ hands. This makes it more ideal for older children. The Kids Edition variations are precisely similar to the everyday Fire tabs. They arrive with a rugged case and a full two-year warranty. This means that Amazon will replace the Tab free in case your youngsters smash it. It additionally comes with 12 months of Free Time Unlimited. This gives your kids unfiltered access to numerous youngster-pleasant films, books, games, and apps. Moreover, it cost only 3 dollars a month after the preceding year.

Why you should avoid the Fire 7

While tantalizingly cheaper, it is its other glaring inadequacies far outweigh affordability advantages. Its 7-inch display will undoubtedly be cramped even by the demands of a three-year-old watching the Carl the Super Truck, leave alone the needs of your average adult.  Also, its display resolution gets quite pixelated.

The single speaker can easily be blocked by a finger, making it almost impossible to enjoy.

Its battery also lags in the back of its siblings. The eight gigabytes of the hard disk are pitifully small, mandating a Micro SD Card from the word go.

Pros of all the Amazon Fire Tablets

  1. Exclusively amazon content– You can easily access all the Amazon content, including movies, books, videos, and even shop(free in its two-day shipping feature) for all the items you require. While you can do that too on other OS’s such as Android and IOS. The Fire OS can deliver amazon goods and content mainly.
  2. Well built- Its built with quality. The kids’ version comes with a rugged bumper and memory card slots. It makes it possible for you to boost your storage capacity.
  3. Highly affordable – All go for less than $150. If you do not mind the Amazon lock-screen ads, your price lowers by $15.

Cons of the Amazon fire tablets

  1. There is no Non-Amazon content.
  2. The technology used in some of its tabs is old.
  3. Short warranties and
  4. Lack of special offers.


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