Apple Watch Series 6GPS

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Apple watch series 6GPS has Cellular, 44 mm Aluminium Case with PRODUCT (RED) Sport Band – Regular for all your fitness excellence.

Product Info

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As you all know, the Apple smart watch Series is all about Health wellness information and the Apple smart watch 6Gps series just made the experience even better. To mention only, the Apple watch series 6 now gives capability for your blood oxygen tracking, your work out rates; and other complementing details. Additionally, the smart watches makers—Apple— has now upgraded the always hands-on Retina Display for better experience of the heath wellness enthusiast.

As such, it is now 2.5 brighter outdoors essentially helping you observe when you get to your definite targets. Also, it is empowered by a more quicker, S6 64-bit double-core processor.

Ideal for you

While Health and fitness is Apple watch series is the ultimate goal for its enthusiastic users, The 6 GPS series goes a notch higher and factors in the stylistic and mood desires of the watch series buyers.  


Artistic grandiose is a factor in the Apple Watch series make up as there are now multi faces available that gives you a free hand to customize them for your most unique requirements. Whether you need the watch 6 GPS for your special day—Thanksgiving or 4th July— or your most enjoyable activity, you can minutely personalize the smart watch to meet the most specific needs of this day or activity.   

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Excellent Blood Oxygen Sensor

It is a great update from the previous Watch Series. Why? The New Apple watch 6GPS’ sensor for Blood Oxygen is comprised of 4 unique Light Emission diode (LED) clusters together with 4 Photodiodes, completely integrated  into a well restyled rear crystal.

To get the most important indicator of your general wellness, the smart watch 6 GPS series comes in handy. This is because it easily takes your blood oxygen readings or captures your background readings thus providing the key indicator.

Comfortable sleep

The new Apple Watch series 6 GPS Cellular with 44mm PRODUCT (RED) Aluminium Case with PRODUCT (RED) Sport Band – Regular, has incorporated a sleep App in its new exciting features .With the new sleep App you can comfortably set up and achieve your personal sleep targets with excellent ease. How?

The Sleep App has been particularly designed to assist you in setting up a regular bedtime—which you can easily and formally/routinely follow. Thus helping you follow track of your sleeping trends each night after each night.

Work out trend detection

Whatever your favourite work out style—aerobics, jogging, weight lifting, swimming and yoga among others, The Apple Watch 6 series will precisely let you know the exact time you started the work out. Additionally, it will alert the work out enthusiast to start up the work out application consequently letting you in into the world of excellent work out options.

Pleasantly, The Watch 6 series will keep data of the exercises already accomplished, crediting them to your diligence, thus ensuring there are no hard feelings for work out done.

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Swimming- Dive in Credits

Being both water and dust resistant, The Apple Watch Series 6 fuses seamlessly with your swimming needs. Do Back stroke, breast stroke, and butterfly or even back stroke; the Watch 6 series will still be intact as it is water resistant up to 50 meters. As such swim all you want—during the day or during the night; in a cold or hot swimming pool. Enjoy all the other amazing advantages of the new Apple Watch series 6 GPS Cellular.

Healthier life just for you to live

The new Apple Watch series 6 will uncompromisingly monitor your heart rate throughout the day. Making it easy and pleasantly quick to keep track of your heart rate. In the unexpected circumstance where your heart rates are varied. The Apple Watch series will undoubtedly detect your unusually low or high rates. It will then inform you even when you are asymptomatic to the symptomatic effects of these varied trends.

Tap, pop, pay and use

In these regard, Apple Pay will come in handy. And it is unassumingly easy. All you need to do is only hold the new Apple Watch series 6 GPS Cellular with 44mm PRODUCT (RED) Aluminium Case with PRODUCT (RED) Sport Band – Regular, and effortlessly make your purchase requirements either via credit card, debit card or any other form of payment you so desires.

Even better, your financial transaction details will always remain private and secure. Thanks to the Apple Pay security configuration that is apt to the most finest detail.

Phenomenal GPS

For any work out journey, whether short term or long term, every task needs to be measured accurately and precisely. Thanks to Apple’s innovation, The New Apple Watch Series 6GPS series does that just for you. It’s integral GPS tracker—which rather comes quite in handy—measures your work out accurately to a fault, conversely giving your exercises progress to great precision.

And you don’t have to carry along your iPhone. Be it swimming, riding or even running/ jogging, you can leave your iPhone at home. Also, you will be secure in the knowledge that all your work out details will be tracked and safely stored.

The distance you cover—interpreted in all units of measuring available. The speed you use and the pace you accustom to while working out will all be recorded for you. When you get back home, the data will be readily available on your iPhone for you to review you progress.

An ever powered-on barometer-abled altimeter is infused into the new Apple Watch 6 series smart watch. This helps the wrist watch coach you employ to get real time data of all your elevation variations as you work out.

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An excellent Cellular gadget to boot

What’s more excellent than knowing you can make calls and send texts right from your wrist without shuffling your hands into your pockets for your smart phone? Nothing is comparable to this apart from of course the previous Smart Watch series. Well, The Apple Watch 6’s cellular enables you to do just that even when you are away from your mobile device. Yes! You can stay in the loop of your family, social, business or even official communication. This will happen right from your wrist thanks to the new Apple Watch series 6 GPS.

PTN: You require a cellular/ mobile phone operator service—Sim card, E-sim or otherwise—for this noble function to work.

Additional features

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Cellular ability
  • Cellular carrier support

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