Apple watch series 6- everything you need to know

Apple Watch Series 6 – Everything you need to know

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Apple Watch Series 6

After months of speculation and guessing games by bloggers and Youtubers based on information from Apple’s inside leakers, the company has finally announced the date of the event dubbed “Time Flies” as the 15th of September 2020 (Today). The event is dubbed “Time Flies” so it’s no surprise that they would choose this event to launch Apple’s new smartwatch; the Apple watch series 6.

As we wait with bated breath to hear about all the new features that will be announced, we will not hesitate to speculate on features we hope this new watch will have.

We are sure this watch will be great because it will have all the good features from the series 3 and 5 with enhancements, upgrades, and better sensors.

What are some of our expectations?

  • We begin with the most obvious part, the display.

Like many Apple watches before, we are sure the Apple watch series 6, will come in two sizes, for those who want a bigger display, and for those who are more comfortable with smaller watches, or whose wrists are on the smaller side.

The series 6, will come with slimmer bezels and thus have more room for display.

While many are requesting a round screen like most traditional watches, it is unlikely that Apple will change its current screen shape. Even though we still hope that there would be around screen options for people with such a preference.

We believe that Apple may be switching from its current OLED to micro-LED. OLED is already pretty great, but if the micro LED is introduced, it would have all the advantages of the OLED and if executed right, it should give the best of LED displays. It won’t be too surprising though if this turns out to be a series 7 rather than a series 6 thing.

Let’s move on to buttons, pretty similar to how iPhones upgraded from having a physical home button to a virtual one, there’s a chance that the physical side button will be made virtual. This makes sense from the viewpoint of the company since it reduces the cost of repair that the company bears with regard to the physical button and makes the watch more water resistant – a pretty impressive feat since the current series 5 watch is water resistant to up to about 50 meters.

  • A bigger battery

Rumored to have a bigger battery than the series 5 which already has an all-day battery – Here’s to hoping this one can last for about two days.

  • Cellular service

It has a cellular service that you can activate to use the watch to read messages and answer calls. The cellular service option is great for those who want to be connected at all times.

  • The best part of this device and frankly what we all expect from wearable technology is its Activity Tracker and Health Features.

We cannot carry our phones everywhere, and so it’s easier to track our activity using a watch. Whether you’re walking, standing, or engaging in any other kind of movement, you can know how much you’re doing and how many calories you are burning.

This being series 6, we expect to have better sensors, to detect things like Stress levels. Another feature in demand right now is the Sleep Tracking feature, which has been long overdue for Apple watches. A determiner of how effective this sleep tracker will be would mostly depend on how effective and long-lasting the new battery is since there wouldn’t be much use for a sleep tracker if the watch went off midway through the night.

Another in-demand feature for wearable technology is for Blood Glucose Monitoring, and while that would be a wonderful health feature, as far as we know, however, that kind of technology has not yet been attained by Apple and so we cannot expect it for this watch.

The most likely possibility is that we would get a Blood Oxygen Monitor, this would be very beneficial and very timely because of the Covid 19 pandemic. Blood oxygen levels usually need to be over 95%, however people rarely feel symptoms when their blood oxygen saturation starts to fall, hence this sensor serves to notify a person when something is amiss. Again, if oxygen levels dip too low during exercise or sleep, the watch could warn you or even send information to your doctor.

Many are hoping this watch can help with Mental Health issues. How? By being able to indicate when a person is having a panic attack instead of a heart attack and then through breathing and guided meditations, help the person work through it and call emergency services or their emergency contact.

Women can use this watch to track their cycles since we expect it to contain a cycle track as well as a period flow monitor.

Book lovers can listen to their favorite audiobooks whenever they want with this watch.

Some settings you can add include, setting a chime to ring in a new hour, or this fancy one, which is that when you hold two fingers over the watch face, it will tell you the time out loud.

We cannot talk about this device without mentioning the Enhanced Siri. You can question everything, and scroll through web pages for your answers. A wonderful combination of Siri and Shazam together can help you identify songs even when you don’t have your phone.

Then there is the much raved over Fall Detection feature that came with the series 5, this feature has saved the lives of many users. It can detect hard impact falls, detect whether the user is unresponsive or unconscious, and alert emergency dispatchers.

There is a 20-second timer automatically activated when it detects hand washing.

Of course, the Apple watch series 6 will have a bigger storage capacity. What does that mean? More room for your songs that you can listen to using Air Pods, so if you’re going for a run, you can leave your phone at home and still enjoy music.

The Apple Watch Series 6, is a convenient smart device that gives you the Apple store on your wrist. It is pretty and practical. A capable smartwatch, it seems we cannot finish discussing the features it has and speculating on the features it could have. It will have a sleek minimum look, it is much more than just an activity tracker, it has an all-day battery life, and will have bigger storage. With watch OS 7, we expect a very fast processor.

We can see that there is much to look forward to regarding the launch of this device. We wait for confirmation on some of our speculations and for the release of all these wonderful new features.

What should you do if you are on a budget and probably can’t afford the Apple watch series 6? Series 3, while it is good, is on its last leg in terms of software support by Apple, you might be better off with a Series 5.

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