Apple iPhone SE(2020)

Apple iPhone SE(2020)

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Apple iPhone SE(2020)


Front facing camera


Water Resistant


Wireless charging


Dual Sim capabilities



  • Support
  • Size


  • weak battery
  • Camera

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The Apple iPhone SE(2020) Review

Apple iPhone SE 2020
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iPhone SE 2020
Very light and sleek


Is It For You?

The Apple iPhone SE(2020) arrived in April, and has since been disappearing off shelves
in Apple stores around the world. Marketed as a mid-range budget mobile phone, it is without argument one of the best and most affordable brand new iPhones on the market.

It’s low price range however prompts many questions as to whether you get value for money -no matter how little money spent – on this device. The Apple iPhone SE(2020), has some stellar features with prices that are enticing a lot of people to go Apple.

What are some of the features of the Apple iPhone SE(2020)

  • Display- The display is slightly bigger than the original iPhone SE, being 4.7 inches, Retina HD, 1334 x 750 pixels. Just like the iPhone 8. Pixel Density – 326ppi. Gorilla glass screen.
  • Dimensions(inches) 5.45 x 2.65 x 0.29 inches
  • Dimensions(millimetres) 138 x 677.3 mm. All just like the iPhone 8.  Weight (Ounces, Grams) 5.22 oz,  148g
  •  Includes a fingerprint sensor on the home button.
  • Most remarkable is that it comes equipped with the Apple A13 bionic, the same processor fitted in the iPhone 11 pro, an upgrade from the A9 processor in the original iPhone SE and the A11 and A12 in iPhone 8 and XR respectively, and that makes this phone super-fast.
  • The storage capacity varies from 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. You can get the bigger storage capacities if you’re willing to shell out a few more bucks. The storage is non-expandable.
  • Software at launch – iOS 13
  • Battery – 1821mAh
  • Camera – 12 mega pixels

Front facing camera – 7 mega pixels

  • Video capture – 4K
  • Headphone Jack – None

Special features:

  • Water Resistant (IP67)
iPhone SE waterproof seals for select component
iPhone SE waterproof feature

iPhone SE waterproof!

The images above on the left indicates that the iPhone SE has waterproof seals for select component. You can briefly read about it on

  • Dual Sim capabilities. Nano sim and e-sim.
  • Wireless charging

You would notice that it is very similar in appearance to the iPhone 8, and that is why majority are calling it the iPhone 8 with few modifications. While it may compare with the iPhone 8 in some respects, when it comes to performance, it blows the iPhone 8 away. Now we have to examine the good and bad with this phone and put them both in perspective.

Starting with the bad, what are some of the drawbacks of the new iPhone SE?

  • weak battery

Equipped with and 1821mAh battery just like the iPhone 8, the battery is not very great. It can last a day for normal phone activities, with over 4 to 5 hours screen time. However, the battery runs out quickly when using it for gaming. So while it’s still highly functional, you may have to take your charger with you.

The iPhone SE comes equipped with a dated 5W charger that takes a long time to charge up the phone. This problem can however be fixed with the purchase of a faster 18W USB-C Power Adapter. Or you may simply use a Wireless Charger, which this device supports.

  • Camera

Another weak point for this phone is its camera. Now camera’s on iPhone’s are generally good and the iPhone SE does have a better camera than the iPhone 8, sharing the same single primary camera as the iPhone 11 pro, but without the special features the 11 pro has.

The problem is that this phone has a very poor low light camera.

In well-lit areas, you can get excellent high resolution photos, but in areas with lower light, the results are a bit of a pain. So there’s that, but at the price the iPhone SE comes at, it’s pretty hard to complain.

Below is a video of an in-depth review on the iPhone SE 2020 camera (includes comparison to the iPhones X and 11)

  • Screen size

The next most common complaint about this device is its screen size. Fitted with huge bezels, the iPhone SE has a dated look, adopting the look of classic iPhones. While the screen is small, the display ratio is not that noticeable after using it for a while. The screen size is personally not much of a problem for me because it’s obvious the point of the iPhone SE was not create a new, flashy iPhone design, but to replicate an older design and satisfy the nostalgia of iPhone lovers.

  • The other most common complaint is the lack of a headphone jack on this device.

Why I like this phone, in other words, what are the cons?

  • Support

This phone can be used for a long time, and isn’t that what anyone wishes from their device? Sustainability? The iPhone SE is equipped with the Apple A13 bionic processor, which means, in addition to fast processing, it should also be supported by Apple for at least 5 years.

  • Size

The small size of this device causes it to, for some reason, feel extremely good in hands, and as with many iPhone’s is extremely easy to use.

  • It’s an Apple device

Overall, the best thing about this phone is that you get all the great iPhone features, the Apple store, the logo… but at a much reduced price! Since iPhones don’t simp on quality and security, you know there isn’t much to regret from such a purchase.

To conclude, my final two cents would be that the iPhone SE 2020 is a pretty good phone. Would I buy it? Definitely, it’s functional and affordable as compared to it’s counterparts with similar features.

Who this device is not for – This device is not for heavy phone users, people who spend a lot of time gaming and people who would like an upgrade from an 11pro or a 10. The best thing for such a person would be to wait for the iPhone 12.

Who this device is for – People who want to switch from Android can enjoy using the iPhone SE 2020 as a great first phone. It’s also a great option for a person who wants an upgrade from using an iPhone 5s, an iPhone 6, iPhone 7 or even an iPhone 8.

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