All about the SAMSUNG T7 Portable SSD

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Samsung T7 Portable SSD 500GB



  • Has attractive beauties and color alternatives
  • Hardware-primarily based totally AES 256-bit encryption
  • Has 18-inch USB wires
  • Available in capacities as much as 2TB


  • Comes with a 3 years warranty
  • DRAMless architecture
  • It has a small write cache for potential

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 Samsung T7 easily blends safety with 10Gbps overall performance for the ones on the go. However, with a DRAMless architecture, it’s overall performance retards at some stage in big transfers that exceed Samsung’s TurboWrite cache.

Portable SSD T7 USB 3.2 500GB (Gray) Memory & Storage - MU-PC500T/AM |  Samsung US
Samsung T7 Portable SSD

Featuring Samsung’s current 92-layer TLC V5 V-NAND flash and a DRAMless NVMe controller, Samsung’s T7 is pocket-friendly together with its portable SSD thus suiting the needs of most users. The choice to use AES 256-bit encrypted password protection; makes it not only faster but also stoutly secure.

The DRAMless architecture, though, makes it perform rather poorly in the market thus lagging behind most of its competitors. If in need of a faster and totally safe portable SSD, the T7 is worth your time, and thought it is mightily affordable per Gigabyte compared to the Touch Variant.

Now to be found in Titan Gray, Indigo Blue, Metallic Red, the T7 leaves out the Touch effect but rather goes to the anodizing port for a few greater colorful remedy rather. Also, the Samsung’s T7 brings pricing right all the way down to a whole lot more competitive ranges consistent with capacity; with no fingerprint sensor, prices are more or less 15-20% less than the Touch variant.

Samsung T7 Features

In addition to the 3 color alternatives, Samsung’s T7 comes in the internal storage of 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB. And in regard to speed, the T7 can go up to 1,050/1,000 MBps read/write over a USB 3.2 Gen 2 10Gbps hyperlink.

Samsung’s T7 has featured the enterprise’s TurboWrite SLC cache acceleration tech that all the different SSDs share. That way there is a pool of SLC programmed NAND to flash, used to soak up inbound write requests. However, as soon as the TurboWrite cache fills, write velocity can degrade a little, and relying on the version of T7 you purchase, the tool’s base write overall performance can vary a little.

Samsung Releases Portable SSD T7 Touch – the New Standard in Speed and  Security for External Storage Devices - Samsung US Newsroom
Samsung T7 Portable SSD

Although it doesn’t have Endurance or IP ratings, just like most portable SSD’s, The Samsung T7 has a 3yr warranty offer; though short we must say. This is peculiar as the company’s marketing chest-thumping of superior reliability greatly shadowed other competitors better offers of longer warranties and even IP ratings. Scan disk, for instance, gives 5-year insurance of its portable SSD’s and IP55 water/dust resistance rating.  The T7 rated by Samsung has the ability to sustain gravity-induced or trajectory falls of more than two meters.

Its software and accessories

Samsung brings two top-class 18-inch lengthy USB cables with the T7. One USB 3.2 Gen 2 USB C to A cable and one USB 3.2 Gen 2 USB C to C cable. Additionally the enterprise embedded the control software program on the tool. Samsung’s Portable SSD Software may be used on either Windows or Mac OS’s. It is used for putting up the password protection and receiving the recent firmware information and updates. Also, a T7 mobile application that can be used on Android devices, whether phones or tablets.

A critical review of the T7

The 3 color variations set it apart from its more technically advanced competitors and its Indigo Blue variation has proved to have a wow factor on the aesthetics-leaning users. The full metal body not only gives it a sleek posture but also an immense physical lifespan. The metal comes in handy when it comes to cooling.

Dimensions – its dimensions are 85 x57x8 mm


The weight of Samsung T7 portable SSD is just a mere 58 grams. It makes it easy for the T7 to maintain reasonable temperatures.

Thermal load

Additionally, there is an EPCM, otherwise known as encapsulated Phase Change Material which takes most of the heat emanating from heavy transfers. Thereafter it gradually releases it.

DTG, also known as Dynamic Thermal Guard, on the other hand manages the overall temperatures of the devices. Also, it works in conjunction with EPCM to maintain acceptable heat output levels.

The T7 has a blue colored electricity indicator so when you plug it in, you get to know it is working. Interfacing the SSD with the host is an ASMedia ASM 2362 PCIe Gen3 x2 NVMe 1.3c to USB 3.2 Gen2 bridge chip. It helps S.MA.R.T. Statistics pass through in addition to Trim, link power control, and UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) for first-rate overall performance.

Review: Samsung T7 Touch portable external SSD with fingerprint sensor -  YouTube
Samsung T7 Portable SSD

Although Samsung didn’t monitor any information about it, it is feasible primarily based totally on the slower overall performance. Then our T7 Touch at 1TB, we trust it to be of a 4-channel layout and in all likelihood have 3 ARM Cortex R5 cores (read/write/host interaction). This is in preference to 5 cores as consistent with the 970 EVO Plus to assist keep on built-up costs.

Conversely, the 2TB version interfaces with thirty- 512Gb dies of Samsung’s 92L TLC V5 V-NAND flash. Operating at 1 Gbps, they’re quicker than maximum competition flash that operates at as much as 666-800 MT/s. It requires simply 1.2V. 9% of the NAND’s potential puts off over-provisioning. This assists with bad block control and different background past FTL tasks.

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